The Hunger Games Economy

Military Industrial Complex

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The Hunger Games Economy,

Military Industrial Complex

The Hunger Games Economy
Jeff Faux: Dreams of Wall St. and Military Industrial Complex are not compatible with dreams of American middle class
Jeff Faux is the Founder and now Distinguished Fellow of the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, DC. He is an activist, economist and writer, He has written extensively on issues from globalization to neighborhood development. His latest book is “The Servant Economy; Where America¹s Elite is Sending the Middle Class.”
PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Paul Jay in Baltimore.
There's been some debate amongst the American governing elite about America's place in the world and its declining power. Barack Obama went to Australia not long ago and declared that America will continue to be an Asia-Pacific power. And the issue of the Brzezinskian grand chessboard is still very much on their mind. But what does this maintaining America's position in the world mean for ordinary Americans? Who's going to pay for all this? When it comes to competitiveness, it really means wages, although that word doesn't get talked about very much, not in the mainstream press or in the halls of Congress.
Well, it does get talked about in a piece written by Jeff Faux, and he's now joining us. Jeff is a founder and distinguished fellow of the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. He's an activist, economist, and writer. He's written extensively on issues from globalization to neighborhood development, and his latest book is The Servant Economy: Where America's Elite is Sending the Middle Class. Thanks very much for joining us, Jeff.
JEFF FAUX, AUTHOR: Oh, it's great to be here, Paul. Thank you.
JAY: So, I mean, clearly we are dealing with a different world. And it's not just that it's militarily different, in the sense that China's now somewhat of a power, so is Russia and—back somewhat of a power—I mean, nothing on the scale of the United States, but the geopolitics and chessboard has changed somewhat. But where it's changed a lot more is with this massive industrial capacity in areas of the world where 20, 30 years ago there was nothing like it—advanced technology, high-quality production, very low wages. And America wants to maintain its competitiveness in all of this. So talk a bit about that and what that might mean for ordinary Americans, and maybe what the word competitiveness means.
FAUX: Well, I think—start from what I think is the basic assumption, and that is the United States can no longer satisfy the three great dreams that have driven American politics over the last decades. The first dream is the dream of Wall Street and business for unregulated access to speculative profits. The second dream is the dream of the military and foreign-policy elite and the military-industrial complex for global hegemony. The third dream is the dream of ordinary Americans for a rising living standard.
Now, we can have one out of three, certainly. Two out of three, maybe. Three out of three? No way. So in effect the decision is being made right now—or has been made—by this country's elite.
There's a lot of talk in Washington, as you know, about the grand bargain between Republicans and Democrats over budgets and taxes. But the real deal has already been cut. The average American income in real wages is going to decline over the next 10 years, 15 years, as far into the future as we can see. Now, this has been coming for a long time. It's not just about the recession and it's not temporary. As you probably know, for the last 30 years we've had stagnant wages in America. After wages rise steadily since World War II, they flattened out after 1979 and essentially have been flat.
So the question is: if wages were flat, how come everything looked so good? That is, people went to shopping centers and bought cars and houses during those 30 years that ended in 2008. And the reason is two. One, family incomes kept up because we sent more members of the family to work, usually the wife. Now there are more women than men in the labor force so that that strategy for most people is exhausted. The second is debt. People weren't getting raises, but they were getting access to cheaper and accessible credit. That has evaporated with the collapse of the financial sector.
JAY: Jeff, before you continue, let me ask: so if this process more or less began in the '70s, why? What happened? Why? If you could—you know, to some extent one could say that third dream of ordinary Americans, you know, to own a house, send the kids to college, not to be terrified of losing their job, to some extent that's—dream was still possible, at least in the early '60s.
FAUX: Oh, yeah. And the reason—.
JAY: So what happens?
FAUX: Yeah. There are three things that happened since the end of the '70s. The data starts from 1979; the kink in the curve starts from 1979. One was globalization, and by that I mean, essentially, exposing American workers to a very brutal and competitive global labor market before they were prepared.
Second, the weakening of the bargaining position of the average American worker. A lot of that had to do with the decline of unions. But it affected union members and nonunion members. The second thing that happened was the weakening of the bargaining position of the average American worker. This was not just about weaker unions, but weaker unions played a key role, not just for union members, but for people who aren't union members. Because unions were strong—or certainly stronger than they are now—the threat of unionization kept the bosses and kept the employers from cutting wages too much, cutting pensions too much, even though they would have liked to. So weaker unions, weaker bargaining positions [crosstalk]
JAY: And is weaker unions and bargaining positions linked to number one, which is globalization and the threat of moving offshore?
FAUX: That's right, certainly linked to number one. And number three, later, was the shredding of the safety net, the real value of the minimum wage, and the kinds of New Deal protections for labor that have been frayed away over the last 10 or 15 years.
But on the first, on globalization, there's something very important here to remember, and that is it not only affected working people, but it changed the culture of the American elite. You know, if you go back to the early part of the 20th century, labor and capital were in fierce struggles. But both labor and capital knew that they needed each other and were stuck in the same country. So, you know, when Henry Ford raised the wages of his Ford employees to $5 a day, the Wall Street guys said, Henry, what are you doing here? I mean, you can't pay—you're spoiling these people, you're paying them too much. And Henry Ford, who was a SOB union buster, said, look, I've got to pay them enough to come in to make the cars, but I also need to pay them enough to buy the cars. So it was an economy in which, while there were labor and capital disputes, we were all in it together.
What happened—what's happened since the 1980s is that globalization, the deregulation of trade and investment, has allowed the American commercial and economic elite to roam the world in search of lower wages, in search of government subsidies by Third World countries, etc.
JAY: Yeah, so you now have a situation where they saved GM and Chrysler, but workers'—starting worker wages go from, what, $26 to $14 an hour, and you probably couldn't buy a new car at $14 an hour.
FAUX: Exactly. And unlike Henry Ford, the people who run the Ford Motor Company today, you know, have other people they can use to sell their cars to. And so high wages, which we sort of learned after the 1930s were good for the economy because it created consumer demand and consumers bought the goods that were being produced, high wages in America are no longer what they were. They're now a threat to multinational corporations who still produce and sell things. And that's been a critical change.
JAY: They also seem to no longer think they need an educated workforce. I used to—in the '50s and '60s, all this talk about, you know, America will compete because it's going to be the most educated working class and this and that, they don't seem to care anymore. The public school system can go to hell and they don't seem to care.
FAUX: They don't care. But that's sort of the last excuse of the political governing class. I mean, whether it's, you know, Barack Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton, they're all the so-called education presidents, and their answer to this decline in living standards and wages is not to worry, just go get an education. Barack Obama was in Florida about a year ago touring the country, saying the way we're going to compete in the world is to out-educate everyone.
Well, first what's obvious: that we're shrinking the schools, we're laying off teachers, kids can't go to college because it costs too much. But second, which is really important, we are not creating jobs for educated young people. You go into Apple, in the Apple Store, there is the future. And it's not the technology. It's in all those smart college-educated kids working as retail clerks for $10, $12 an hour. The Bureau of Labour Statistics—government agency—projects that between 2010-2020, the largest, fastest-growing occupations in this country, of the ten largest and fastest-growing, only one requires a college education.
JAY: Well, Jeff, we're going to pick this up in part two, and what I'll be asking in part two is it seems to me while this may make sense for Apple and it may make sense for a lot of individual companies to drive wages down and have more and more service jobs, as an economy somebody's got to be making money to buy all this stuff, and that seems to be where the rub is. So join us for part two of our series of interviews with Jeff Faux on The Real News Network.

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ریشهٔ، سعودی ـ سلفی، تروریسم!
ریشهٔ، سعودی ـ سلفی، تروریسم
   گوینده : نیک پاکپور”NICK PAKPOOR” 
  گوینده چون گذ شته سعی می کند که تلاش تحلیلی وتشخیصی و تحقیقی خود را، براساس واقعیت های عینی و پر پایه پویش و پژوهش پروسه های تاریخی وتکوینی،تطوری استوار ساخته، تا از داوری عجولانه و غیر عادلانه، پرهیز نماید!  تا بدین وسیله توانسته باشم مرزهای مخدوش شده، مغشوش شده، بین طلب کاران وتهبه کاران، تهدید گران، تخریب گران وتجاوزگران، قصابان وغارتگران سیاسی را با مشعل دارن معتقد مقاومت مداوم ومحکم، ملی گرایان ومختارگران مقتدر ومتمدن جهان را که حاضر نیستند، سروری مشتی جلاد جانی، جهادی را، با سر خم کنی پذیرا شوند، را بطور صحیح وصرافانه از همدیگر متمایز، سازم.  امید است که منشاء تفکر زنده وزاینده در جهت بیداری، بصیرندگی وبسیجندگی همگانی باشد، یا شاید، کوششی باشد که سیاست را از سطح عامیانه وعوام پسندانه وناآگاهانه به سطح آگاهانه وهوشیارانه وآکادمیک شناسانه، ارتقاء داده باشم !  برای تحقیق وتشخیص تکوینی وتاریخی، ریشه و رویش و افزایش، تروریسم جانی ،جهانی، می بیست عقربه زره بین سنج زمان را به سال های قبل وبعد از جنگ جهانی اول ، عقب گرد داد، یعنی زمانی که امپراتوری تشنه تسلط وتصرف، تاراج وتجاوز بریتانیا با دستپاچکی و desperateکوشش می کند که بر تسلط عثمانی بر مناطق عرب نشین و بادیه نشین یا bedouin ، خاورمیانه به خاطر دست یازیدن به Titanic نفتی، پایان دهد.  لذا در سال 1917 میلادی، امپراتوری بریتانیا موفق می شود که Ibn Saud را که بصورت کلان های conjugal به همراه انواع واقسام تشکل هی tribalism - traditional فامیلی، قبیله ای، بدوی،بیابانی زندگی می کردند را به client و colonial خود بدل کند. نیک پاکپور      

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توافق یا تطابق ایران با امریکا؟
توافق یا تطابق ایران با امریکا؟
به باور گوینده الیت سیاسی و نظامی ایران که در سه دهه گذ شته با ایستادگی اوستادانه در دفاع از وارستگی ملی، شطرنج سیاسی را شرافتدمندانه و سرافرازانه،بازی کرده است اجازه چینین کاری را به یاغی های غربی و یانگی های امریکایی نخواهد داد تا بساط شبه شوم وابستگی را دوباره در کشور زرفام و زرخیز زروان و زرتشت بگستراند. فراست ، فرزانگی و فریختیگی ایرانیان از فراشگرد فردایی حکایت و روایت می کند که نمازگذارانش بامهراب خون شهیدان به سجده وسپاس چون سپا با همگرای وهم صداءی و همراهی در همبستگی وهمبودگی، سرافرازانه و هو شیارانه به رژه ایستاده اند
نیک پاکپور
Jan 18-2014
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پاسخی تاریخی به اولاند

پاسخی تاریخی به اولاند

بوسیله نیک پاکپور

نقش مخرب مزدوران فرانسوی علیه ایران

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Ukrainian army protester
Switching Sides: Ukrainian armored unit joins anti-govt protesters in east
Published on Apr 16, 2014
Ukrainian armoured vehicle crews have switched sides, joining the anti-government protesters in the East. Activists place a Russian flag on one of them.
East Ukrainian people Image


East Ukrainian people
East Ukrainian people stand up for their rights amid Kiev's military crackdown
Published on Apr 16, 2014
Protesters in eastern Ukraine's city of Slavyansk, one of the main focal points of resistance to Kiev, are preparing to face the crackdown. Armoured vehicles are converging on the city and locals say all roads have been sealed off. RT's Maria Finoshina reports from the restive region.
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Determining States
CrossTalk: Determining States
Published on Apr 14, 2014
The two pillars of the current international order are the right to self-determination and the sanctity of sovereign borders. What is the future of Nation-states? What is the golden rule of the self-determination in the 21st century? And who has the right to their own state? CrossTalking with Chris Bambery, Matt Qvortrup and Matthew Connelly.

Middle east

Turkish Role in Syria Ch Image


Turkish Role in Syria Ch
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, April 7
Published on Apr 7, 2014
Visit to watch the entire independent, global news hour. This is a summary of news headlines from the United States and around the world as reported by Democracy Now! on Monday, April 7, 2014. Visit our website to read the complete transcript, search the vast news archive, or to make a donation to support our non-profit news program
Saudi-Al-Qaeda Image


Saudi Arabia and the al-Qaeda Monster (3/5)
Madawi Al-Rasheed: Saudi Arabia helped create a network of terrorism to achieve political aims, and while it does come back to bite them at times, they promote a similar ideology and continue to these alliances - April 3, 14
PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Paul Jay.
We're continuing our discussion about U.S.-Saudi relations, and we're going to dig in in this segment into the Saudi relationship with al-Qaeda type forces, extreme Islamists.
And now joining us again from London is Madawi Al-Rasheed. She's a visiting professor at the Middle East Center at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her recent publications include A History of Saudi Arabia and A Most Masculine State.
Thanks for joining us again, Madawi.
JAY: So I mentioned in an earlier segment that the joint congressional committee investigating 9/11 had found that the Saudi government was responsible for financing and facilitating the 9/11 attacks. And I interviewed Senator Bob Graham, who was cochair of that congressional investigating committee, and I asked him why he thought the Saudis had done this, and his answer was that bin Laden had told the Saudi king or the Saudi royal regime that he had 10,000 fighters that he could send to Saudi Arabia to try to develop an uprising against the Saudi royal family if they didn't help him launch these attacks. I don't know if Bob knows that for sure or not, Bob Graham, I don't know whether it's true or not true in terms of their motivation, but it is a kind of reflection of this very complicated relationship, where on the one hand, bin Laden's force, you know, when he was alive, certainly seemed to make the Saudi regime his main enemy, other than perhaps Shia. He talked about the way the Saudis' royal family had sold out to the Americans and such. On the other hand, there's all kinds of evidence that the Saudis have worked with these forces in Afghanistan and in many other places. So what is the nature of this relationship?
AL-RASHEED: It is a very complex relationship. To begin with, Saudi Arabia wanted to use Islamism in its fight against any external threat that may have an internal impact. I'll give you one example. In the 1950s and '60s, Saudi Arabia saw the threat to its regime coming from the leftist movement in the Arab world, and also from Arab nationalism, and it used Islamism as a counter-force to actually destroy these two movements. And therefore it sponsored Islamic education, it sponsored Islamic opinions that depict these movements as atheism. And also, during the Cold War, it enlisted its ideology on behalf of the West in order to fight battles elsewhere, such as, for example, in Afghanistan. And therefore the Saudi-Wahhabi dimension of all this al-Qaeda is extremely important, although the Saudi regime tries to distance itself from this kind of radicalism.
JAY: I think it's important to note that Eisenhower is quoted as saying that we will use--we being the United States--use the Saudis and their role in defending Mecca to help promote Wahhabism and the Saudi power to fight Nasserism, nationalism, and socialism. I may not have the quote exact, but I'm pretty close. And, of course, we know how much the CIA worked directly with the Saudis in Afghanistan. In fact, bin Laden gets to Afghanistan in a deal between the Saudis and the Americans.
AL-RASHEED: Yes, absolutely. This was part of the Cold War strategy, and Saudi Arabia deployed its ideology and support, and also funds, in order to fight wars elsewhere.
But the problem for Saudi Arabia is when this ideology came back to haunt the country itself. But it is almost like having a battle with your own ideology. And therefore it's very difficult for the Saudis to get rid of this kind of menace. And they haven't learned lessons from 9/11.
So if you look at what is going on in Syria now, they have--the Saudis have created armed rebels who are actually almost working on behalf of the Saudis in Syria, so that the Syrian revolution was derailed and lost its democratic slogans, and now it's--became a sectarian war between different groups, Shia and the Sunnis. And with Saudi intervention, we find that the rebels who were promoted were called the Islamic Front. And we have seen how this was unfolding in Syria.
Until recently, Saudi Arabia allowed its own young men to travel to Syria, or if it didn't allow them, it kept a blind eye. And only recently, just a week before Obama's visit, Saudi Arabia introduced this new antiterrorism law which says that anybody who goes to Syria and come back will face 20 years in prison.
An interesting thing is, yes, we may keep a blind eye on those people going, but we're going to arrest them when they come back. But there was no effort that was obvious to me that they will make sure they will not go there to fight--.
JAY: Well, it may be that they're going to make them stay there and fight, with a law like that.
AL-RASHEED: I think the best thing that Saudi regime can hope for is for them to go and die there.
JAY: That's sort of what I was saying.
There seems to have been a change from the days when the Saudis seemed to be very concerned about attacks on their regime in Saudi Arabia from al-Qaeda forces. There seems to have been a kind of accommodation in some way that now, in fact, it seems that the al-Qaeda type forces are almost, like, part of the way the Saudis wage asymmetrical warfare and use them in leverage. I mean, the most obvious place is in Syria, but you see it in Iraq. But then you see these threats--you know, I talked about 9/11, but we know about Bandar's threat, Prince Bandar's threat to Tony Blair when there was an inquiry into the bribery scandal based on Saudis buying several billion dollars of weapons, and apparently Bandar got a billion-dollar bribe, and Bandar says to Blair, you'd better stop this inquiry or I can't promise there won't be another 7/7 (when the buses blew up in London). And more recently, apparently, Bandar threatened Putin and said, you know, we control the Chechen terrorists. It seems like it's a lever of power in their hands.
AL-RASHEED: Yes, absolutely. And we have seen since 2008 there were no terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia. They managed to push al-Qaeda to Yemen, basically. They haven't destroyed it. They haven't, you know, removed it. They simply had forced it to migrate to Yemen. And a lot of Saudis have left Saudi Arabia to go there.
But the interesting thing is it has been used as a sort of a pressure on foreign governments, meaning that, you know, you do as we want you to do or we will not cooperate with you in terms of intelligence cooperation, or we would actually--you know, they wouldn't put it so directly, but, you know, it is a subtle hint that when the Serious Fraud Office in Britain wanted to open up the Al-Yamamah weapons deal and the corruption that was involved with BAE Systems, the Saudis immediately announced that if this serious fraud investigation goes ahead, they will cease to cooperate with Britain on intelligence, meaning that we will not be able to help you catch the terrorist, basically. And it is interesting that they may have had quite a close relationship, they know them so well, but they hold information about them that they're only going to release to those other intelligence services that cooperate with the Saudis, and also in governments that are supposedly friendly governments.
JAY: Right. And the Saudis--one of the intelligence agencies the Saudis cooperate a lot with is the Pakistani ISI, and the Pakistani ISI seems to play the same game: you know, collaborate to some extent with the West in antiterrorist operations; on the other hand, there's lots of evidence the ISI has all kinds of relationship with the Taliban and al-Qaeda type forces. In fact, journalists that have reported on this have been assassinated by the ISI, including one that worked with us.
AL-RASHEED: Yes. I mean, it is the al-Qaeda monster, it's the monster that was created at a particular historical moment and began to haunt all those contributing forces that made it happen and allowed it to flourish throughout the last three decades. And the Saudis had deployed the same strategy in Syria now, whereby individuals can go and join these rebels. They kept a blind eye for a long time. But then now, when international pressure is mounting, because they see how these rebels are really not an alternative to Bashar al-Assad, Saudis introduced this new terrorism law in order to deal with the situation. But whether it will actually work, I have my doubts.
JAY: And I guess the Americans have been so part of this policy of working with extreme Islamists that they can't say or don't want to say much about it.
AL-RASHEED: Yes. I mean, it is a well-known fact now. You know, the archives will be open and declassified information will be available, and future historians will probably write incredible books with concrete evidence. Now we get the information from leaked documents or from journalists who are actually in the field at the time and can report on us where the weapons to so-called rebels are coming from and who is sponsoring them.
JAY: Okay. In the next segment of our interview, we're going to discuss why Saudi Arabia considers Iran such a mortal enemy. Please join us with Madawi Al-Rasheed on The Real News Network.


Media 'staged' Syria
The Truthseeker: Media 'staged' Syria chem attack (E36)
Published on Mar 23, 2014
BBC 'total fabrication from beginning to end' of Syria 'atrocity'; call to revoke visas for intel agents posing as reporters in NATO targets; CIA caught infiltrating CNN, and Operation Mockingbird is back.
Seek truth from facts with UK Member of Parliament George Galloway; Illinois University Professor of International Law Francis Boyle; investigative reporter John Helmer; ordinary Syrians; and Ukraine covergirl 'Julia'.

United state

Decriminalization/Legalization Image


TRNN Debate: Decriminalization vs. Legalization
As Maryland is poised to become the next state to decriminalize marijuana, MD Delegate Keiffer Jackson Mitchell and LEAP Executive Director Neill Franklin debate whether it can end the racial disparity in drug-related arrests - April 11, 14
Keiffer Jackson Mitchell is a member of the Maryland House of Delegates for the 44th district in Baltimore City, and voted for the bill decriminalizing marijuana in the state of Maryland.
Neill Franklin, executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), is a 33-year police veteran who led multi-jurisdictional anti-narcotics task forces for the Maryland State Police and ran training for the Baltimore Police Department. After seeing several of his law enforcement friends killed in the line of fire while enforcing drug policies, Neill knew that he needed to work to change these laws that cause so much harm but do nothing to reduce drug use.
TRNN Debate: Decriminalization vs. LegalizationJESSICA DESVARIEUX, TRNN PRODUCER: Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Jessica Desvarieux in Baltimore.
This week, the Maryland Senate voted 34 to eight to decriminalize marijuana. It will soon be the law here in Maryland after Governor Martin O'Malley said he'll sign the bill, which would impose only civil fines, rather than criminal offenses, on those caught with less than ten grams of marijuana.
But what else is in the bill? There'll be fines for multiple offenses. A second violation would carry a $250 fine, and a third offense would have a $500 fine. Also, a violator who is younger than 21 would have to appear in court.
Maryland will be joining 24 other states that have either decriminalized marijuana or legalized it.
Now joining us in-studio to unpack how this will affect everyday citizens are our two guests.
Neill Franklin is the executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, otherwise known as LEAP. He's worked in law enforcement for more than 30 years and witnessed the war on drugs firsthand.
Also joining us is Keiffer Jackson Mitchell. He's a member of the Maryland House of delegates for the 44th District in Baltimore City, and he voted for the bill decriminalizing marijuana in the state of Maryland.
Thank you both, gentlemen, for joining us.
DESVARIEUX: Okay. So let's just jump right into this. Keiffer, I'm actually going to start off with you--actually, you know, let's first start off with Neill, because I know at the end of the day we all recognize that the war on drugs is not working. And we are seeing--I want to pull up this chart--how it affects disproportionately African Americans. So you can see in these two charts there's twice as many blacks going to jail as whites for marijuana possession despite usage levels being about the same.
Neill, I know that you're critical a bout the bill because you guys are pushing, really, for legalization. But isn't this a step in the right direction? Oh, absolutely it's as step in the right direction. Obviously, I would prefer to legalize it, tax and regulate.
And the reason I think it's better for us to keep looking forward to tax and regulate is because even though we're not going to be criminally charging people for possession of ten grams or less of marijuana, what happens when they can't afford the $100 fine? Okay? Certain people will be able to afford the fine, but our poor communities will not. Folks in our poorer communities will not. And I believe it then becomes--a bench warrant may be issued, or if they don't show up in court, then we're back into the criminal realm. So in that sense it's still problematic.
And in decriminalization, as what this bill is about, still does nothing to get our marijuana dealers off of our street corners. Okay? It's still, you know, thousands if not millions of dollars going into the hands of criminal gangs and organizations, and ultimately ending up in the pockets of the cartel. And, again, marijuana across this country, really, around the globe, is roughly 60 percent of all the profits being made in the entire illicit drug trade. So, again, moving to a place of legalization, you know, tax, and regulation will bring that money away from criminal organizations, out of the pockets of criminal gangs, and into the pockets of our citizens and our state coffers.
DESVARIEUX: Keiffer, I wanted you to--get your response, address that first point that Neill made about us actually just getting back to where we started, people not being able to afford these fines.
MITCHELL: Right. Right. Well, we--you know, the bill, I think, is--it's a step in the right direction as it relates to criminal--in terms of the civil penalties. You know, you have the escalating fine of $100 to $250, and $500 on a third offense.
The fact remains that, you know, marijuana is still illegal in the state of Maryland. And to show that it is still illegal, you have these penalties. You know. I don't think if we had lowered the fine or anything like that, I don't think it would send much of a message that it is still a illegal narcotic in the state of Maryland and other states. So, you know, I think the $100 fine is right, and I actually think that the $250 and $500 fine is also right, with all due respect, a step in the right direction.
As--I always call him Colonel in everything, 'cause that was his title--as Colonel Franklin has said, that, you know, it's not going to get the drug dealers off the corners, things like that. But I always remind people from the study, Maryland spends about $106 million just on enforcing marijuana policy or arrest or prosecution. So you take that $106 million. Now you can start using that money to really go after the enforcement of the larger dealers. So I think that's a step in the right direction.
DESVARIEUX: Neill, I see you nodding your head, but--.
FRANKLIN: I'm nodding my head about the money that we're currently spending, you know, with criminalization. And, you know, the time and energy that our police department is wasting on this.
I might disagree a little bit with that, what--the savings going back into law enforcement, you know, to work on other, you know, drug dealers and whatever. I think, personally, I would like to see that money go to education and treatment and go into our school systems. And I know you won't mind [incompr.] maybe part of it can go there because he's a teacher, he's an educator. So I think that we need to continue to pull the police out of the drug-management business and put more of our resources into health and education.
And I think that the police should focus more, use the time that they're going to have now, to focus more on violent crime, to focus more on robberies and rapes and crimes against our children, domestic violence. We know we have a problem in Baltimore with both domestic violence investigations and rape investigations, and I think we could focus more on that.
DESVARIEUX: Okay. So--. Oh, sure. Please.
MITCHELL: Real quick, on the fine piece before we leave that, the $100, $250, and the $500. That money also is going to be going toward drug education and drug treatment. So, you know, that money is not just going into the general fund just to sit in the general fund, but it is supposed to go toward drug treatment.
DESVARIEUX: So we know where you two stand. But let's bring in the American public's opinion. So there was a recent New York Times-CBS poll that found that the majority of Americans actually support legalization. So, Keiffer, shouldn't the legislation that's put in place be reflective of that? Shouldn't we be pushing for legalization, then?
MITCHELL: Oh, I am one of the minority. I should be counted as a minority in that New York Times-CBS poll. I am not there yet as it relates to legalization. I still believe that marijuana is a gateway drug. I would like to see more studies about the legalization of marijuana.
So far, right now Colorado and Washington are legalized. I think it's still too early to find out what are not just the whole ramifications of that, but also, you know, what are the unintended consequences of legalization that they are seeing in Washington and Colorado, and also remind people that it wasn't their legislators that voted for it; it was a referendum by the public at the polls. So, you know, those are the things that took place as it relates to legalization.
DESVARIEUX: Okay. Neill, what's your take on that?
MITCHELL: Well, obviously, the polling that we're talking about continues to move in the direction of more support nationally from our citizens, more support for legalization. Every year, the percentages go up.
I think I have an advantage over most people in looking at this because I've been in law enforcement for a number of years, worked, you know, on the front lines of the war on drugs. But that's not where it ends. I've also been on [incompr.] I've also cochaired committees dealing with--from a health perspective, dealing with treatment and education in Harford County. I did that for a number of years. I've traveled around the country. I've traveled around the globe. I've got this--I've had the opportunity to literally see this from a mountaintop perspective, you know, looking down around the entire landscape on this drug-management issue. And so I see it differently.
I see that the current illicit marketplace is the gateway. It is the environment that is the gateway, not a particular substance or drug, but the environment that we have of drug dealers acting on our corners hiring kids to sell drugs, marijuana and other drugs, recruiting them from our schools, bringing them out onto the street corners, to sell drugs in schools to other children. We've created an environment with policies of prohibition that puts more drugs into the hands of our young people than any other scheme we could possibly imagine. This is the worst. And we realized that back during the times of alcohol prohibition. That's why alcohol prohibition only lasted 13 years instead of four decades.
DESVARIEUX: So you obviously don't agree with that, Keiffer.
MITCHELL: Well, like I say, it's still too soon. I mean, we're dealing with marijuana, but you also--.
And I agree that the war on drugs has not worked and the amount of resources we have. You know, there's no question about that. I also believe that the war on drugs has created this racial disparity in terms of who gets locked up and who doesn't and where the enforcement is taking place.
But on the other hand, I also believe that, you know, with marijuana, in terms of what I've read and what I've learned, is that marijuana is a gateway drug. And then where do we stop, in terms of the legalization? You know, you have heroin. [incompr.] a district in West Baltimore where I come into contact with heroin addicts all the time. You can just go a few blocks over here to Lexington Market, in that area, and look at the number of methadone clinics that are in that area and look at the number of people who are hanging around getting their methadone for the day but who are out there, who still want that hit or something like that.
I think there needs to be a combination: instead of just the enforcement, the educational piece, you start off young, you get into the schools.
We've lost--. I am a Democrat, alright? I'm a big-time Democrat. But, you know, when Nancy Reagan and Ronald Reagan were talking about the war on drugs, they started going into the schools, giving kids the education, and you had the "just say no" type campaign. I still believe that you have to get and spend your resources and time in the schools to get them while they're young.
And also there are some other programs that are put in place in terms of jobs. You know, kids I talk to who are dealing drugs and that sort of nature, you know, they want jobs. But they're not--if they can make a lot of money standing on a street corner instead of flipping burgers somewhere, they're going to look at taking care of their families and making that money. But you have to get them other resources out there for that.
DESVARIEUX: So, Keiffer, if I'm understanding you correctly, do you think legalization would just lead to just more usage and therefore--?
MITCHELL: That's what I--I believe it would lead to--I think it would send a wrong message, and I do believe that it will lead to more usage.
DESVARIEUX: Okay. Neill, do you have any--to counter that?
FRANKLIN: Well, we are really at the same place for the most part of this. Putting our resources into education and treatment first in front of law enforcement and criminalization, yeah, that's where we should be and that's where we're not at the moment.
The other side of that coin as it relates to those wonderful programs in our schools, you know, educating our kids, the other side of that coin is the family. You see, once the family unit is actually more effective in keeping kids away from using drugs and doing things that will harm them. There's more legal things out there that will harm our kids than those that are illegal.
But our policies of prohibition have destroyed, for instance, the black family, the mass incarceration and the disparity issues. You know, when you have so many--according to the NAACP, one in nine black children have a parent or parents in the criminal justice system. For white children it's one in 54. Okay?
Now, when you have families, when you send someone to prison, you send the entire family to prison. And we know when you send someone to prison they do not return to us a better person. For the most part, they're going to return to us and our communities in worse shape than what they were when they went in in how they treat people, because when you go in, you have 24 hours to decide whether you're going to be the prey or predator while you're in prison. Most people return to us as predators, because they are not correctional facilities. In addition to that, when they do return to us, very difficult to get a job because now they're strapped with a criminal record. Okay? That frustration, many of them can't even live with their families if their families are living in public housing, because they're a convicted drug felon. You know, that does nothing for our communities. That does nothing for the children who live in those households in working to keep them from using drugs or becoming involved in the drug trade.
I think it has to be some of both. I think it has to be, obviously, putting our money and resources into education and treatment. And then, on the other side of that coin, we have to eliminate the illicit trade. We have to take the money out of that business so people will feel comfortable working at and feel good about working at places like McDonald's and Walmart and some of the other places.
DESVARIEUX: And the way you take the money out is by legalizing it.
FRANKLIN: That's the only way to take the money out.
DESVARIEUX: Okay. Alright. Let's move on a little bit. And I want to get your take on just why do we not know enough about--. I want to speak specifically about legalization in Colorado, 'cause I know you were there, Keiffer. Can you just describe a little bit about what you witnessed? And I'll get your response to--.
MITCHELL: Last year, I was there for a conference, and I walked around downtown Denver in the tourist area. And I guess they call it LoDo. And the smell of marijuana was inescapable. You could smell it as a tourist. Now, I don't know if they've done anything to rectify that or to, you know, curb it, but it jumped out at you. You know, it is one thing when it's cigarette smoke. You know, people know what cigarette smoke is. But when I was out there in the tourist area, it was out there. I don't think they're allowed to smoke in restaurants or bars and cafes at all. But you--you know, I saw people smoking marijuana sitting on a bench at a bus stop or walking down a street smoking.
And, you know, I grew up in an area where I don't do drugs, don't do it, and it was out there, and it made for an unpleasant experience for me as a tourist walking around Denver.
And this past November of last year, the mayor of Denver was in Washington, D.C., and I talked to him and I told him about my experience, and he said that, you know, when the referendum came to light and it was implemented, there were some unintended consequences that kind of left holes along what local jurisdictions can do in terms of a time and place about marijuana and where they can smoke it, and then the dealing. They still have to work out the kinks.
So, in other words, what I thought that he was saying was that it kind of put the cart before the horse, so to speak, to say this is what we need to do. So I think locally there needs to be some things put in place to allow--you know, if they were going to smoke marijuana, but, you know, not all of us need to be around it.
DESVARIEUX: Yeah, these are some legitimate concerns. You have people who are saying, you know, if you legalize it, then, you know, these unintended consequences are going to be arising.
Neill, how do you deal with that?
FRANKLIN: And I agree. And that not only will change; it is changing there, because, first of all, this is something new. for most people. Okay? And, you know, a lot of that is just celebration. You know, oh, wow, we have the freedom to do what we want to do. But that is changing as the local jurisdictions put, you know, policies in place, you know, so the people will be writing people tickets. You're smoking on a park bench? Here's your $50 ticket or whatever that fine is going to be. But I think it goes even beyond that. It goes to the place of what we did with tobacco products.
So it's a social thing. You know, it's people--also people at the bus stop bench saying, you know, hey, put out the joint until you get home, okay? You know, I don't want to smell it. I understand, you know, it's legal now, but no. You know. And that's what we've done with tobacco products. You know, people actually feel like outcasts who smoke tobacco products today. And it will be the same socially. We will apply that pressure to people who are smoking marijuana so you won't have that environment. You know, like, today, when you go outside and you're out and about, I very seldom smell cigarette smoke. I can't remember the last time I had. This is new with marijuana, and it'll change, just like we've done with tobacco.
And, also, with tobacco what we've done over the past couple of decades, the most--one of the most, if not the most addictive drugs known to man, nicotine, reduced consumption by about 40 percent. We've sent no one to prison. We don't have any shoot-outs in our streets. And our kids aren't coming out of school to sell it on street corners, because it's regulated and controlled. But social pressure and regulations in place locally have reduced our tobacco consumption.
DESVARIEUX: Alright. Neill Franklin, executive director of LEAP, and Keiffer Jackson Mitchell, thank you both for joining us.
MITCHELL: Thank you.
DESVARIEUX: And, of course, you can follow us on Twitter @therealnews, and you can send me comments, questions @Jessica_Reports.
Thank you so much for joining us on The Real News Network.
Clinton attacked by shoe Image


Clinton attacked by shoe
Hillary Clinton Ducks Flying Object A woman is taken into custody in Las Vegas - Lone Wolf
Published on Apr 10, 2014
A woman is taken into custody after throwing something on stage at an event in Las Vegas. - Lone Wolf.
SHOCK: HILLARY CLINTION ATTACKED BY SHOE THROWER Who did that? Security scare for Hillary Clinton after woman 'throws a shoe at her' during speech at Las Veg.
2 Million Deportations Image


2 Million Deportations
Hunger Strikers Demand President Obama Halt His Record 2 Million Deportations
Family members of deportees plea to President Obama to halt the separation of family members with no criminal records, while corporations continue to profit from the criminalization and militarization of immigration policy -
David Bacon is an award-winning photojournalist, author, and immigrant rights activist who has spent over twenty years as a labor organizer. He is an associate editor at Pacific News Service, and writes for TruthOut, The Nation, The American Prospect, The Progressive, and the San Francisco Chronicle, among other publications. Bacon covers issues of labor, immigration and international politics. He is the author of The Children of NAFTA, Communities without Borders, Illegal People and Illegal People: How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants. His most recent book is The Right to Stay Home: How US Policy Drives Mexican Migration.

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  • Now is the Time to Enact the Wanta National Recovery Plan for Our Great Nation America
    Now is the Time to Enact the Wanta National Recovery Plan for Our Great Nation Americaby Preston James and Lee Wanta*"Veterans Today"Yes, it’s time to enact the Wanta National Recovery Plan for America. This Plan will instantly disavow and reject the immoral, imaginary, Unconstitutional National Debt Obligations. It will bring an immediate end to the massive asset stripping of Our Great Nation America. America has been hijacked by a Criminal Cabal which covers its massive RICO crimes by invoking so-called “National Security”. This Criminal Cabal has hijacked much of American Intel and the Alphabets, as well as most of the Executive, Congress and the Judiciary. It is backed by and serves the interests of foreign based City of London Zionist Money-Power rather than serving the the interests of America the Constitutional Republic. This foreign Money Power has set up a Criminal Cabal and a set of Wall Street Banks and the Federal Reserve System to serve as its stateside Cutouts, main action-agents and espionage fronts inside America. In the late 1800′s, this Criminal Cabal was able to incorporate Washington DC and then later (without Constitutional Authority) create the Supreme Court as a Congressional extension and impose Maritime Law on America the Republic. The actual Final Court of the land is the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia (DC), which was set up to serve as a traveling Circuit Court and was authorized by the U.S. Constitution to serve as the Highest Court in the land. This U.S. District Court of the District of Colombia was set up to properly interpret the U.S. Constitution and settle disputes based on accurate interpretations, but not to make its own law or to serve in any way as a legislative body. The use of a Gold fringed U.S. Flag is the proof that the United States courts are operated under maritime law of Washington DC, the illegal, Unconstitutional Corporation. Much of this plan was presented in a former article entitled The Wanta Reconstructing America Plan(1). This article covers the need for America to take possession of the private Federal Reserve System and to Transfer it back into the United States Department of the Treasury. In this way many of the FED member banks could be preserved, monitored and brought into a true and lawful American system somewhat seamlessly. The current illegal, fraudulent so-called “National Debt” that has been progressively imposed on American Citizens by slight of hand, RICO fraud violations by the private Central Banksters and would be discharged and handled as the fraud that it is. The USG borrows massive amounts of money for things it’s Corporate Controllers need. These are the needs of the large corporations that bought and own Members of the United States Congress and are not things that are needed or wanted by “We the People” at all. Money From Nothing, National Debt for free ! The private central Banks/Banques create their Fiat Money from nothing and as alleged lend said monetary funds and/or Financial Instruments it to the USG so it can finance the criminal needs of their major corporate owners. How could this be you might ask, how did it ever get to this? It’s based on Fabian Socialism, the incremental take-down of any domestic and/or international society in small successive incremental changes which inhibit massive public reaction at each small step. Actually, this hijacking of America by the Criminal Cabal in cahoots with the financial/money-power of the private Central Banksters occurred over a very long period of time in small increments dating back to the hijacking of the American Monetary  production and distribution system back in 1913. It all began in a secret meeting of top financial representatives of the City of London who met in secret on Jekyll Island.(2)Why the need for secrecy? Because these power brokers knew that if their evil City of London Zionist Central Bankster plan was based on Babylonian Money-Magick (correct spelling emphasizing the occult related Black-Magic aspects dating back to the Middle Ages), it wouldn’t have a chance to be passed in our Congress. Secrecy was paramount to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the source of all this money fraud. Even then, with secrecy, it still was barely passed and had to be punched through right before Christmas break on December 23, 1913.  Some believe there was not even a quorum present for the final votes and thus it was never really passed. And after President Woodrow Wilson signed it into law, even then it was completely unconstitutional because only the USG is allowed to manufacture and issue money and it must be real money comprised of Gold and Silver, not notes or debt bearing loans from a private Central Bank owned by foreigners. Later on, President Woodrow Wilson realized what a huge mistake he had made. Six years later after signing this fraudulent, unconstitutional Bill into Law, Woodrow Wilson declared that he had become a most unhappy man when he realized what he had done. “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world — no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” Of course it is now clear that this horrendous fraud enacted against the American Citizens empowered this new American private Central Bank the uncontested ability to create as much money needed to literally buy up and own almost every single Member of Congress, Supreme Court Judges and almost any USG Official. Essentially this placed complete control of the American Government into the hands of these criminal private Central Banksters who were in reality a franchisee of the City of London Zionist private Central Banksters. You can’t keep a major crime which causes such serious harm against all Americans secret forever. Yes, the private Central Banksters had a Secret Agenda which is only becoming known now thanks to the tireless research of many, with their research now being published on alternative news sites on the worldwide Internet. And also thanks to major disclosures by insiders like Lee Wanta, President Ronald Reagan’s personal Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine [Totten v. United States, 92, 105 (1875)], the truth is now diffusing into the public’s awareness. The Perpetual Cycle of War is very, very profitable and helps consolidate and centralize power into approximately 140 key International corporations. This major secret is that there is a “Perpetual Cycle of War” generated covertly by the Secret Shadow Government (SSG), what President Eisenhower called the Military Industrial Complex (MIC).These covertly created/provoked wars are paid for from the phony fiat “money” borrowed from the private Central Banksters. This Cycle of Perpetual War keeps these private Central Banksters, as well as the Military Industrial Complex “fat with profits”. The Military Industrial Complex should actually be referred to as the Defense, Industrial, Intelligence, Congressional Complex instead and it should be recognized that it is obsessed with acquiring increasing amounts of totalitarian, fascist power. Why you might ask? The answer is that this Complex is controlled at its heart by an evil, luciferian Circle of Twelve criminally insane psychopaths who some believe have lost their very souls if they ever had any at all. The more power they acquire, the more money they make from war, drugs, bank fraud, money laundering and asset stripping of wealth and resources from “we the people” and other people in many different countries. The more money they make from their RICO criminal enterprises, the more politicians they can buy and own like chattel and more political protection they can actualize.  You see, these folks collect politicians like trophies similar to big game hunters who hunt large game in Africa. And it is no longer a secret that the Real Estate/Bad Mortgage Bubble and the major bank bailouts under Bush2 and Obama were  caused by the massive asset stripping financial scams of the Criminal Cabal aka the Denver “Bloodthirsty Ones”. Endemic secrecy is necessary for the continued power of the Criminal Cabal. Endemic secrecy is necessary for the Criminal Cabal to continue functioning. Obviously their extensive cultural programming and Mind-kontrol is enacted by their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) through various owner, controller Cutouts who run these six consolidated media giants.If secrecy ends, the evil power of the Criminal Cabal collapses. After the fall of the Soviet Union and its morphing into the New Russia Federation, America has morphed into a new “Evil Empire” based on tyranny, control of the mass media and numerous False-Flag terror ops rolled out progressively to use to acquire more centralized Beltway Power. And now we know that all secrecy is going to end. There is an independent entity that has been recording all NSA secrets which top insiders thought were only hijacked by Israeli Intel assets through NSA satellite feeds directly downloaded to Israel. These secrets are now being rolled out and shaking the very foundations of the Criminal Cabal. Recordings of incriminating phone conversations are now being “leaked” and directly eroding the power of the Criminal Cabal. And the more the public connects the dots as secrecy ends, the shorter their lifespan of the Criminal Cabal will be. Because without extreme secrecy under the false cloak of so-called “National Security” which is imposed on all the cabal’s crimes, it cannot function effectively. When the Criminal Cabal refers to National Security, they mean their own personal security, power and prestige and influence. National Security to them has nothing to do with our Great nation America. It is now becoming quite easy for the public to start connecting the dots thanks to the massive diffusion of facts provided by the Alternative news on the worldwide Internet. Yes, thanks to all these major discoveries and insider disclosures, it is now becoming quite easy to connect the dots and began to construct a picture of the Banksters’ domestic and secret agenda which is so criminal and so extraordinarily devious that it is far beyond the average person’s ability to even imagine. And what exactly is this Criminal Agenda, which by the way, now specifically fits the definition of the RICO Statutes of high level organized crime by a well organized crime syndicate. The unconstitutional Private Central Bank is also a continuing Criminal Enterprise, within Civil RICO and fraud, as alleged.(3) When U.S Senator John McClellan and his assistant G. Robert Blakey got the Rico Law passed in 1970 I wonder if they realized that the Zionist private Central Banksters were the biggest, most powerful, wealthiest organized crime group of all? And yes, a careful study of the Rico Act will show that these private Central Banksters violated Rico both in its Criminal provisions as well as it Civil provisions. Because their crimes are ongoing and there is no statute of limitations on Fraud, this means that not only can these Central Banksters be prosecuted under Civil and Criminal RICO, but also all members of Congress for allowing this Federal Reserve System to continue. These folks are also chargeable under RICO for benefiting from their operations personally through massive payoffs (backsheesh, aka “grease”) from K Street lobbyists who funnel the money back to them from those they feed it to with “special interest” legislation, as alleged. It’s a very large “Kickback Scheme”. And once folks understand this “Kickback Scheme” of how Fiat money is funneled back to Congress from the large Corporate Interests it has supported with their “special interest” legislation (which is financed by fraudulent loans from the private Central Banksters), one can begin to understand the Central Banksters’ Secret Agenda. And in all major U.S. Cities that have USG illegal Drugs trafficked in and distributed by Cutouts, 10% of all the estimated street value of the drugs is paid as “grease” to the main authorities or principal “Cabal representatives” running the LE of that city. Yes, that’s correct, the Banksters have had a Secret Agenda for a very long time. Their Secret Agenda is this: Create fraudulent Fiat Money from nothing as debt notes which must be repaid with interest by the American taxpayer.  This puts huge profits in the private central Banksters pockets for nothing but a sleight of hand fraud. But wait, there is oh so much more. The Banksters finance large Military Defense Contractors [MIC] (many offshore) to fight numerous illegal, Unconstitutional, undeclared perpetual wars which keep war and excursion profits in these Contractor’s pockets. They do this by lobbying Congress to pass fat Military Defense budgets under pressure from their own zio lobbying groups which are actually foreign zio espionage fronts inside America. These perpetual wars are actually undeclared wars of aggression which allow certain associated Intel entities to bring massive amounts of illegal drugs into America to be sold on the streets with the massive amounts of cash provided laundered by the Wall Street National Banks. Central Bankster drug money laundering for the Intel Agencies and their partners in crime, the drug cartels is very big business that is very profitable. A former highly decorated DEA agent once remarked that if this drug cash was ever cut off from the large Wall Street National Banks, most would collapse within a month or so. But wait, there is even more. These private Central Banksters make sure their own special lobbying group AIPAC (which is technically a espionage front for the International Zionist crime Syndicate, the IZCS) lobbies hard and successfully to make sure Members of Congress (whom they own) pass very large aid packages to nations and groups which will organize and finance terror groups which can be used to create false but somewhat plausible undeclared wars through use of False-Flag attacks. Deployment of these Mind-kontrolled terror groups of programmed lunatic mass-murderers creates the age old and proven pretexts for war needed to keep the coffers of the Defense Contractors full and the pockets of an Owned Congress full too of lots of baksheesh (aka “grease”).So here is the Secret Agenda of these Unconstitutional private Central Banksters in a nutshell: to reorganize the world into a Globalist network of approximately the (very wealthy and powerful) 140 mega International corporations with interlocked, musical-chair Boards. This is done by setting up and financing these all illegal, Unconstitutional, undeclared perpetual wars which feed these large mega corporations which in turn gives them enough cash to buy off almost any Member of Congress or USG official through their K Street Lobbyists. The Banksters have created a “Culture of Corruption” and a very large criminal Roundtable at the nexus of the USG. This creates a Culture of Corruption at the helm of the USG. And this Culture of Corruption results in diffusion of corruption downward into every nook and cranny of many state and local governments as well as many local Police Departments which are becoming highly militarized tools of the State which is now exceedingly corrupt inside the Beltway. The corruption inside the Beltway has become so endemic and prominent that the USG has become essentially a roundtable of gangs, thieves, criminals, perverts and Cutouts owned by “hidden-hand” secret criminal entities. The simple fact is this, if you have ultra big bucks for any reason you can buy membership into this big roundtable and obtain your own personal piece of the USG with most of the American Public never knowing, thanks to the Controlled Major Mass Media which is the main USG propaganda dispenser which protects the interests of the USG and the entities that “own” and control it, whether criminal or not. Beltway corruption bleeds down to the local police and corrupts them too. First the Alphabets were hijacked by the IZCS and used as an enforcer of the illegal, unconstitutional concentration of federal power. Federal overstep infringes states rights and the Constitution was violated at every step of the road. Every step of this illegal, unconstitutional acquisition of state power (the power of “we the people”) was “greased” with massive payoffs, special favors, human compromise or sometimes the brute force of threatened or actual covert assassinations disguised as accidents or suicides (“arkensides”). Targeted assassinations disguised as “impossible suicides”, designed to also appear to insiders as “obvious terminations”. Note: the latest method of assassination by the Banksters is to help targeted individuals “swan dive” out the windows of high buildings. These are the subordinates whom the Circle of Twelve aka Denver “Bloodthirsty-Ones” have recently profiled as significant risks of testifying against them in future trials for RICO Bankster corruption which they expect will be occurring at a future date not too far off, unless they can start a nuclear WW3. This kind of help “flying out of tall buildings” is the Central Banksters’ form of master intimidation to other subordinates who may be tempted to talk and take prosecutor’s offers of immunity in order to avoid being disposable Cutouts willing to do time to protect the “Big Boys”. Long after the Alphabets were corrupted, GHWB was chosen by the “Cabal” to be their CEO. The Cabal as many VT readers know was essentially a construct of the Money Power of the City of London Banksters and their franchisees the Wall Street banks and the private unconstitutional Federal Reserve System. Previous Corruption of the Alphabets by their Central Bankster Masters made them vulnerable to be easily hijacked by the Bush Crime Cabal who were the main stateside Action-Agents/Cutouts for the City of London Zionist private Central Banksters). Because the Alphabets were corrupted, it was easy for the Bush run Cabal to assume control over them. Thanks to the extreme federal reaction to the Roswell crash and two other SE American UFO crashes, the national Security Act was quickly passed in 1947 which created a future cover for every conceivable criminal act that could ever be enacted by the Secret Shadow Government and the Bush Cabal that later took control. The covert terror enacted against America inside the continental USA was of course planned and run by the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS, the world’s largest, most endemic crime syndicate) and the Bush Cabal. The IZCS has used staged False-Flag Terror Attacks in the same way Israel and England have always used terrorism to garner massive public support for new Draconian, anti-human laws. Institution of these Draconian anti-terror laws such as the Patriot Act and NDAA 2014 always leads to more False-Flag Gladio-style terror operations in attempts to gain more centralized power that would not otherwise be possible. Basically you have to create psychic shock in the group mind of the people and scare them beyond reason to motivate them to give up all reason in constraining their government to follow the Constitution. The FBI and the CIA are the main perpetrators inside America acting as Action-Agents for the IZCS when it comes to selecting and mind-kontrolling mentally retarded, disturbed of highly deficient individuals to train for entrapment in such phony acts of terror. The Criminal cabal gained enough control of several of top USAF, JCS, and NORAD through the use of backsheesh, blackmail or human compromise operations to be able to institute the 9/11 False-Flag Gladio-style attacks on NYC and the Pentagon which, by the way, were planned and actuated by top, highly placed NeoCon, PNAC, and AIPAC officials with the help of the Mossad and its stateside sayanims and assets. This massive Culture of Organized Crime of the IZCS run by the CEO of the American franchise, GHWB, was able to capitalize on their own staged Gladio-style False-Flag attacks inside America at Murrah and the Twin Trade Towers to create the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which some experts view as little more than an Israeli anti-terror outpost and private Neo-Bolshevik Zionist army inside America set up to transform America into GAZA II, the world’s largest open air prison camp.Yes, the Israelis are the world experts in terror and have been setting up these Gladio-style False-Flag attacks every since 1947. So when they claim they know a great deal about terrorism this is true, but it is only half the story.  The rest of the story is that they are the ones creating terror in order to acquire more power and money for themselves from the U.S. Congress, their actual “sugar daddy”. This new culture of America, imported from Israel has been rolled out and used as an excuse to set up DHS and to heavily militarize the local police.  This is all done because the police have been trained by the ADL that there could be a terrorists anywhere and everywhere and returning Vets, Catholics, Evangelical Christians, Ron Paul supporters are actually either actual domestic lone-wolf terrorists or potential terrorists. And all the while this insane, criminal rhetoric of twisted sister and her perverted group was going on, the FBI has been searching out retarded, demented Muslim patsies to entrap into absurd schemes to enact domestic terror.  This has involved providing them with bombs and absurd story lines.  Sometimes sophisticated mind-kontrol techniques are used involving ultra high tech psychotronics, hypnosis and Psi-power. Most local Police Departments have signed Secret Agreements to give up  jurisdiction to the Feds in exchange for heavy military arms and gear and sometimes “off the books” duffel bag payments of unmarked bills to certain Chiefs of the very large Urban Police departments. The local police chiefs have been bribed, coerced or influenced to sign secret agreements with the DHS or an alphabet to accede jurisdiction on all matters to the USG and the feds whenever the feds say that it is necessary. In exchange they get armored cars, fully automatic machine guns (real assault rifles) grenade launchers, and all kinds of heavy military equipment not otherwise possible. American Police are now being completely militarized and their new enemy is YOU and your families, that is anyone that is not in the so-called “Federal Family” or a militarized Police Family! Essentially the American local police have become militarized. This is a very dangerous occurrence for American Citizens as well as the police and directly threatens our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Here’s why. When any police force becomes militarized it becomes a tool and Representatives of the State. and will in many cases become instant targets in any Civil War that erupts. Most Police will be blamed for the murderers and thugs they have allowed in their ranks, even though a distinct but growing minority.The local police will receive the full fury of the American public which has become increasingly angry at centralized power inside the Beltway and few will likely survive unless they immediately take their shirts off and go home to protect their families.  This is called “going YOYO” by DHS which stands for “You are on your own.” The militarization of the American Police has created a major, direct threat for most officers as well as many Americans with no history of any criminal offenses. The militarization of the police has created a direct danger for most Americans.Any military force is taught there is an enemy. The American police are now being taught by the ADL that many normal American dissenters of corrupt Beltway Power are “domestic terrorists” or “lone-wolf domestic terrorists”. This kind of cognitive programming creates a culture of tyranny and murder within swat teams and police in general.We now have swat teams, many “riled-up” or charged-up on adrenalin breaking into the wrong houses, terrorizing innocents and murdering by mistake. These thugs often violate the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Now we have young innocent children being burned by flash-bangs or even a case where a child’s hand was blown off, all by overzealous Nazi-Stasi style Police Swat Teams. But these cases of murder, terrorism and assault are never prosecuted and these criminal cops are never held accountable for murdering innocent civilians or using excessive force. Such Swat Team raids are handled like military attacks during Wartime battles, that is enacted the “Israeli Way”, thanks to the hijacking of American police training by the ADL and DHS. How do you stop this militarization of the American police and the labeling of most Americans as domestic terrorists, potential domestic terrorists or lone-wolf terrorists? Yes, according to the so-called experts of terrorism at DHS, the world’s largest collection of perverts and soulless zionist Neo-Bolshevik Criminal Cabal clones and potential mass-murderers of innocent Americans, almost all law abiding Americans who dissent in any way or ties their shoe laces wrong are “domestic terrorists”.Now here is the interesting thing.  If you want to instantly stop America from being the now largest terrorist/war monger/aggressor in the world and also stop the local police from being militarized and functional terrorists engaging ion massive tyranny against normal everyday honest, law-abiding Americans (“We The People”), cut the head off of the Beast (aka the “Snake”).  That is, remove the Foreign Money Power that has hijacked our Monetary Production and Distribution System and bring it back into the U.S. Department of the Treasury where according to the U.S. Constitution, it should have been all along. Lee Wanta, working with President Reagan, created a dynamic but quite simple solution to this culture of corruption and it is ready to be implemented now.This solution was to cut the private central bank loose with America taking over and incorporating American Banking into the United States Department of the Treasury in a relatively seamless transition. This is called the “Constitutional Solution” by insiders to this hijacking of the American monetary Production and Distribution system by the Zionist City of London Banksters and their Cutouts. Lee Wanta served as President Reagan’s Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine and successfully brought down the Soviet Union (which at the time was considered by many as a Evil Empire. He did this by setting up a very crafty win/win situation which is fully explained in his book which is now available digitally on Kindle ( in its latest Edition for less than $10 or in any earlier edition for free on his website. Wanta’s incredible work bought a win/win end to the Cold War but didn’t end then. Not only did Lee Wanta bring an end to the Cold war, but he negotiated a General Agreement on Cooperation with the new Russia Federation. This Agreement between the USG and the new Russia Federation included a working agreement to never interfere with each other’s borders or with nations bordering each nation. And he negotiated various workable monetary and trade arrangements between America and the new Russia which would benefit both nations and help prevent any future occurrence of another Cold War. But that is not all.  In the process of bring a positive end to the Cold War Lee Wanta made huge, legitimate profits from his private financial contracts – now protected under the U.S. House of Representative’s Bill H.R. 3723- that became so large they were almost beyond imagination. Lee Wanta has also helped other nations by working with them to help create peaceful solutions to difficult problems.  He has served honorably as a Foreign Ambassador for Somalia to Canada and Switzerland.(4) Lee Wanta’s official biographer Marilyn Barnewall has written an excellent short article on Lee Wanta that is well worth the time reading for those interested who have the time. When President Reagan authorized Lee Wanta to go ahead with his Strategic Plan, he arranged for Lee Wanta to have access to a 150 Billion U.S. Dollar line of credit to be used to activate his plan of trading Soviet Rubles and/or exchanging them for other hard currencies in Europe and Asia. After Lee Wanta completed their mandated/sanctioned plan (Operation : StillPoint) and obtained complete success in ending the Cold War in a very creative win/win solution for all interested parties, he soon afterwards (within six months) repaid the 150 Billion dollar credit line and even after that showed a profit in his private business of 27.5 trillion U.S. Dollars (including interest accruals).Lee Wanta’s mission for President Reagan did not stop with the end of the Cold War. But Wanta’s work did not stop with the end of the Cold War. In the process, working with his President President Reagan (his Mentor), he created an ongoing plan to completely revitalize and re-industrialize America, a Constitutional Republic and designated his massive holding of 27.5 trillion USD to do it. This involved a genius plan to completely rebuild and revitalize America starting first with a National and International (USA and Canada) High Speed, state-of-art Maglev Railroad which would provide 2 million new good paying job opportunities and bring American steel and the light and heavy manufacturing industry back home in short order. The Wanta Plan also involved paying off the so-called “National Debt” and transferring the Monetary Production and Distribution system back into our US Treasury, taking it away from the private Central Banksters and the Federal Reserve System. Lately there has been much discussion within the USG regarding the need to convert the U.S. Monetary Production and Distribution System to a Gold backed System. In fact the new U.S. 100 Dollar bill shows its right half suggesting some gold backing.  However any such discussion is nonsensical because the Federal Reserve System is a continuing RICO Criminal Enterprise, is not the legitimate Bank of the legitimate American Republic.  The U.S. Constitution required that the U.S. Monetary System be in actual Gold and Silver coinage or if paper backed by such precious metals. To discuss any kind of association between a Fiat Monetary System based on Babylonian Money-Magick and its onerous usury is a complete contradiction in terms. Conclusion: The first step to any permanent solution to the problem of the USG becoming the largest Terrorist Organization, drug trafficker, money-launderer, and major asset stripper of honest American workers’ wealth through massive bank frauds and illegal taxation is to fire the Federal Reserve System and fold all American Banks into the US Department of the Treasury, where they belonged in the first place. This would cut the head off of the snake and dis-empower the foreign City of London Zionist Money-Power that Hijacked America and has so seriously asset stripped it and exported most of its heavy industry and most of its good jobs, while generating an endless cycle of illegal, Unconstitutional wars and crimes against humanity merely to obtain massive criminal war profits. Note: This article is written and released on “Holy Wednesday” which is also called “Spy Wednesday” of Holy Week because it’s an Allusion to the Betrayal of Jesus by Judas. * Lee Wanta: Former Presidential Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine [92 U.S. 105, 107 (1875), National Security Decision - Directive Number 166, dated March 27, 1985, inter alia] under U.S. President Ronald W. Reagan, whom some experts consider to be our last legally and duly elected President.(2) Ambassador Wanta served – under Presidential Mandate – as a close personal consultant to President Reagan and was credited with having a major role engineering an end to the Soviet Union Cold War and the “tearing down of the Iron Curtain”. His remarkable story is now revealed in detail for the first time in a book authored by his biographer, Marilyn MaGruder Barnewell, titled, Wanta! Black Swan, White Hat, latest Edition now available on Kindle ( References: (1) (2) (3) RICO, US Federal Law, (4) Marilyn Barnewall,   Addendum:  Note: this is in Five Parts and is rather lengthy.  It is included to serve as reference source material for serious researchers who have the time and interest. Part 1: Part 2: The following book by Baldwin tells us where our Power comes from as “free sovereigns”:
  • Guinea-Bissau presidential vote goes into run-off
    Guinea-Bissau presidential vote goes into run-offBy presstvGuinea-Bissau will hold a presidential election run-off after no candidate managed to secure an absolute majority in the first round of the vote. The election commission said on Wednesday that former Finance Minister Jose Mario Vaz will face Nuno Gomes Nabiam, the former chair of Bissau's civil aviation agency, on May 18.Vaz came first in Sunday's vote with more than 40 percent of the votes while Nabiam, who is said to have been supported by the country’s army, garnered 25.1 percent of the ballots cast.Preliminary results also showed the ex-minister’s Independence of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde (PAIGC) has managed to win more than 50 seats in the 100-seat parliament. Officials expect the presidential and parliamentary vote to put an end to decades of instability in the African nation.UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has praised the election, saying they had "clearly expressed their desire for the full return to constitutional order in their country."The Sunday elections were the first polls since the military staged a coup in 2012, after which the European Union suspended aid donations to the impoverished West African nation.The country has also witnessed several coups since it gained independence from Portugal in 1974. No elected leader has served a full term in office.The new leader and government will also face a difficult task of fighting poverty as two-thirds of the country’s population of 1.6 million live below the poverty line.The impoverished country is plagued by an ailing economy, cocaine trafficking and widespread corruption.
  • US, Russia, EU leaders to meet on Ukraine crisis
    US, Russia, EU leaders to meet on Ukraine crisisBy presstvTop diplomats from the United States, Russia, the European Union and Ukraine are gathering in Geneva for talks on the turmoil in Ukraine.On Wednesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry, his Ukrainian counterpart Andriy Deshchytsya and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton arrived in the Swiss city for Thursday’s talks.Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will also join them for the talks to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Ukraine.Deshchytsya said that Kiev will demand Russia cease its support for what he called “terrorist activities” in Ukraine."Our main demand is to deescalate the situation in eastern Ukraine,” he also stated.Washington and Moscow also traded barbs on the eve of the negotiations. The US asked Russia to stop “provocation” in eastern Ukraine and warned that it is preparing new sanctions against Kremlin.Moscow hit back, saying the Obama administration was backing “Kiev's war on its own people.”Tensions between the Western powers and Moscow heightened after the Crimean territory declared independence from Ukraine and formally applied to become part of the Russian Federation. Crimea held a referendum on March 16, in which almost 97 percent of the participants voted to rejoin Russia.
  • ‘MH370 call exposing 9/11 cover-up?’
    ‘MH370 call exposing 9/11 cover-up?’By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, for Press TVDid Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370’s co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid make a cell phone call after the plane altered course and “disappeared?” The Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times reports that Abdul Hamid “made a desperate call from his mobile phone as the plane was flying low near Penang, the morning it went missing.” The brief connection was only possible, experts say, because the plane had “dropped to as low as 5,000 feet” as it flew northwest of Penang. Even at that extremely low altitude, it appears that Abdul Hamid’s attempted call did not go through. It was cut off “because the aircraft was fast moving away from the tower and had not come under the coverage of the next one.” Experts cited by the New Straits Times and the London Daily Mail confirm that the absolute altitude limit for making even a brief cell phone connection from an airliner is about 7,000 feet. But that does not mean that a passenger could carry on a conversation from that altitude. As the experts suggest, airliners travel too fast for calls to be handed off from one cell tower to another. Unless the plane has special equipment developed during the past few years (and MH370 did not) it is impossible to have a cell phone conversation from an airliner at even a few thousand feet of elevation. Below 7,000 feet, one could dial a number and, with luck, get a brief connection to a cell tower – but that connection would drop before the call could be put through and answered. That is what happened to Fariq Abdul Hamid’s attempt to make a cell phone call from missing Flight MH370. And yet we were told that on September 11, 2001, passengers on hijacked flights also made “desperate calls” and somehow engaged in long cell phone conversations with people on the ground! For many years, the US government and mainstream media reported that at least fifteen cell phone calls had been placed from the allegedly hijacked airliners flying at over 30,000 feet. These reports began with the claims of Bush administration Solicitor General Ted Olson, who told CNN that his wife, right-wing commentator Barbara Olson, had “called twice on a cell phone” from allegedly-hijacked Flight 77 – the flight that supposedly hit the Pentagon. Olson said the first call from his wife lasted “about one minute” and the second call “two or three or four minutes.” According to Ted Olson, his wife told him that “all passengers and flight personnel were herded to the back of the plane” by hijackers armed with “cardboard knives and box cutters.” YouTube - Veterans Today - The story is fantastic. The alleged hijackers were barely five-and-one-half feet tall, and weighed in the low 100 pounds range. The pilot, Chip Burlingame, was a large, muscular, military-trained weight lifter and boxer. Yet, he supposedly gave up his pilot’s seat, failed to take a few seconds to squawk the hijack code, and shambled meekly to the back of the plane at the orders of four small men carrying implements for opening packages – none of whom could even fly Cessnas. Unsurprisingly, the calls reported by Ted Olson could not possibly have happened. One of North America’s most notable scientists, Dr. A.K. Dewdney, proved in a series of experiments in 2003 that cell phone conversations from airliners would be extremely unlikely above 1,000 feet. Dewdney found that the maximum altitude for getting even the briefest cell phone connection was 7,000 feet – the same altitude cited by the Straits Times and London Daily Mail as the absolute limit for cell connections. Yet, while Olson was supposedly talking to his wife on the “hijacked” plane, Flight 77 was, according to the official flight path, cruising at 35,000 feet! The plane said to be Flight 77 did not descend to 7,000 feet until 9:29 a.m., just a few minutes before the first explosion at the Pentagon. The claim that Barbara Olson called her Bush administration husband from hijacked Flight 77 is not just false; it is preposterous. The FBI agrees. It confirmed in 2006 that the only call from Barbara Olson’s cell phone on 9/11 was a failed attempt that lasted “0 seconds.” The FBI now officially admits that, of the fifteen alleged 9/11 cell phone calls, thirteen never happened. It says that there were only two such calls, both placed from Flight 93 shortly before it crashed (or was shot down). The FBI should arrest Ted Olson for obstruction of justice. It should track down and arrest those who created the bogus 9/11 cell phone reports. And it should arrest Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby, Chertoff, Mukasey, Hauer, Myers, Zakheim and the other perpetrators of the 9/11 false flag event. But to do that, it will have to break up the biggest organized crime ring in America: “The cabal.” That is the name prominent American financier Mark Gorton gives to the loose-knit group behind the murders of the Kennedies, Martin Luther King, Senator Paul Wellstone, and hundreds of other Americans, as well as the Oklahoma City and World Trade Center bombings. Gorton is a wealthy, respected, reportedly brilliant American businessman who just shocked observers by publishing three works-in-progress entitled “Fifty Years of the Deep State,” “The Coup of ’63” and “The Political Dominance of the Cabal.” Taken together, these three works synthesize and condense much of the best research on American false flag events and political assassinations. Gorton’s essays reveal “a hidden history of America with corruption so profound and scary that it shocks the sensibilities of most Americans and drives the mainstream press to seek comfort in official government lies.” The media propaganda machine, dominated by the cabal Gorton exposes, is already attacking Gorton as a crazy conspiracy theorist. But even anti-conspiracist website calls Gorton a genius and admits: “Mark Gorton does not have a reputation as a crackpot. Quite the opposite. He’s been favorably profiled in the New York Times for his business acumen and charitable deeds.” Gorton is understandably concerned about his personal safety. In “Fifty Years of the Deep State,” he writes about the “Post 9/11 Death Squads” that have killed numerous witnesses and a few politicians, plaintiffs, lawyers, and journalists. Among the dead 9/11 witnesses are Katherine Smith, Dr. David Graham, Kenneth Johannemann, Bertha Champagne and Barry Jennings. Those murdered to derail 9/11 truth lawsuits include Beverly Eckert and Michael Doran. Journalists who may have been killed by the 9/11 clean-up team include Hunter S. Thompson and Philip Marshall. Gorton’s essays should be required reading for every American. They are well-documented, and include bibliographies listing many of the best works on the American deep state. Gorton’s articles, and the research on which they are based, raise a troubling question: Did the cabal steal MH370 using remote hijacking, disinformation, and war games that suddenly go live – the same techniques it employed to steal America on September 11, 2001?
  • Ukraine forces join pro-Russia activists
    Ukraine forces join pro-Russia activistsBy PresstvA Ukrainian army formation in the city of Kramatorsk has defected to join pro-Russian activists amid an operation by the Kiev government against protesters in the eastern region.A column of six armored vehicles flying Russian flags and carrying defected Ukrainian forces entered the city of Slavyansk in Donetsk Province on Wednesday.The defected forces said they were members of Ukraine’s 25th Brigade of Airborne Forces and that they have switched to the side of pro-Russian activists.However, senior Ukrainian lawmaker, Serhiy Sobolev, said the forces were part of Kiev’s defense strategy in Donetsk Province.Sobolev claimed that the forces were tasked with penetrating the ranks of pro-Russian protesters in the area.This is while pro-Russian protesters have taken control of the city council building in Donetsk.On Tuesday, Kiev launched a military operation to root out what it calls "separatists" in the country’s eastern cities.The military operation was launched after protesters defied an April 14 deadline set by the Ukrainian government to lay down arms and leave occupied state buildings.Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Kiev’s military operation will place the country on the verge of a civil war.According to reports, pro-Moscow protesters continue to fortify their positions and occupy government, police and other administrative buildings in over a dozen cities close to the Russian border. Protesters have been demanding local referendums on either independence or integration into Russia.
  • Challenging the “Holocaust Uniqueness” Doctrine (PT:V)
    Challenging the “Holocaust Uniqueness” Doctrine (PT:V)By Jonas E. AlexisThe late Christopher Hitchens wrote way back in 2001 in the LA Times that “The Holocaust has become a secular religion, with state support in the form of a national museum.”[1] In a similar vein, Israel Shamir writes that “the cult of the Holocaust” is actually “an adaptation of the Jewish spiritual rule of Christian minds, as it replaces Christ with Israel, Golgotha with Auschwitz, and the Resurrection with the creation of the Jewish state. “People who argue with the dogma of the Holocaust are met with treatment the heretics were given in the days of yore. They are excommunicated and excluded from society.”[2] Our esteemed colleague and perceptive writer Gilad Atzmon argues that “The Holocaust was a ‘Zionist victory,’ just as each single rape is interpreted by feminist separatist ideologists as a verification of their theories.”[3] Citing Uri Avnery and continuing to cut the Holocaust establishment to pieces, Atzmon writes, “‘Yeshayahu Leibowitz, the philosopher who was an observant Orthodox Jew, told me once: ‘The Jewish religion died 200 years ago. Now there is nothing that unifies the Jews around the world apart from the Holocaust.’ “Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz, a Latvian-born philosopher at the Hebrew University, was probably first to suggest that the Holocaust has become the new Jewish religion. “The Israeli philosopher Adi Ophir also pointed out that far from being merely a historical narrative, ‘The Holocaust’ contains numerous essential religious elements. It has priests (e.g. Simon Wiesenthal, Elie Wiesel, Deborah Lipstadt) and prophets (Shimon Peres, Binyamin Netanyahu, those who warn of the Iranian Judeocide to come). “It has commandments and dogmas (e.g. ‘Never Again’) and rituals (memorial days, pilgrimage to Auschwitz, etc). “It has an established, esoteric symbolic order (e.g. kapos, gas chambers, chimneys, dust, shoes, the figure of the Musselmann, etc.). Yehuda Bauer “It also has a temple, Yad Vashem, and shrines—Holocaust museums—in capital cities worldwide. The Holocaust religion is also maintained by a massive global financial network… “This new religion is coherent enough to define its ‘antichrists’ (Holocaust deniers), and powerful enough to persecute them (through Holocaust-denial and hate-speech laws. “It took me many years to understand that the Holocaust, the core belief of the contemporary Jewish faith, was not an historical narrative, for historical narratives do not need the protection of the law and politicians.”[4] Finally, Atzmon put the final nail in the coffin when he declares that “The Holocaust religion is, obviously, Judeo-centric to the bone. It defines the Jewish raison d’être. For Zionist Jews, it signifies a total fatigue of the Diaspora, and regards the goy as a potential irrational murderer. “This new religion preaches revenge. It could well be the most sinister religion known to man, for in the name of Jewish suffering, it issues licenses to kill, to flatten, to nuke, to annihilate, to loot, to ethnically cleanse. It has made vengeance into an acceptable Western value… “In the new religion, instead of old Jehovah, it is ‘the Jew’ whom the Jews worship: a brave and witty survivor of the ultimate genocide, who emerged from the ashes and stepped forward into a new beginning.”[5] Finally, Jewish historian Tim Cole of the University of Bristol writes, “‘Shoah [Hebrew for Holocaust] business’ is big business…[In] the twentieth century, the ‘Holocaust’ is being bought and sold. $168 million was donated to pay for the building of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on a plot of Federal Land in Washington, DC. “Millions of dollars have financed memorial projects throughout the United States, ranging from the installation of Holocaust memorials to the establishing of University chairs in Holocaust studies. Steven Spielberg’s movie Schindler’s List netted over $221 million in foreign box offices and even Academy Awards.”[6] Why has the Holocaust become a secular religion? Why has this issue become so sensitive to the point that one ought not to probe historical and rational questions anymore? How did that come about? A number of Jewish historians have argued that Nazi Germany was “unique” and “unparalleled” in history. According to this dogma, nothing before or after can be compared to what happened in the Third Reich.Jewish scholar and prolific writer Jacob Neusner declared that “the Holocaust…was unique, without parallel in human history.”[7] Daniel Goldhagen made similar claims in his book Hitler’s Willing Executioners. French Jewish historian Pierre Vidal-Naquet espoused similar views.[8] Jewish philosopher Emil L. Fackenheim of the University of Toronto implicitly argues the same thing.[9] Many Jewish writers indirectly advocate this form of doctrine in one way or another. For Deborah Lipstadt, downplaying the “uniqueness” of the Holocaust is to be a Holocaust denier.[10] German historian Ernst Nolte made the mistake of comparing the Holocaust to other crimes that have committed in history, such as Stalin’s extermination of the Russian people, the Armenian genocide, and Pol Pot’s crimes against humanity. For this, Lipstadt labeled him a Holocaust denier. Historian Joachim Fest defended Nolte on historical and rational grounds, and received the same treatment.[11] Abraham H. Foxman declared, “The Holocaust is something different. It is a singular event. It is not simply one example of genocide but a nearly successful attempt on the life of God’s chosen children and, thus, on God himself.”[12] For Historian Steven Katz, “never before has a state set out…to annihilate physically every man, woman, and child belonging to a specific people.”[13] Yet not every historian pays homage to this Holocaust creed. While declaring that the Holocaust is an important chapter in human history and that “the depth of pain and suffering of Holocaust victims is difficult to describe,” Jewish historian Yehuda Bauer, whose work we shall examine in the future, admits that “the Holocaust is certainly not unique, because ‘indescribable’ human suffering is forever there and is forever being described.”[14] Peter Novick In Bauer’s words, “coming up with a remote quasi-scientific approach” is “as inhuman as that of those who committed the crime or of those who stood by and watched it indifferently.”[15] The late historian Peter Novick put it quite well when he wrote, “In Jewish discourse on the Holocaust we have not just a competition for recognition but a competition for primacy. This takes many forms. Among the most widespread and pervasive is an angry insistence on the uniqueness of the Holocaust. “Insistence on its uniqueness (or denial of its uniqueness) is an intellectually empty enterprise for reasons having nothing to do with the Holocaust itself and everything to do with ‘uniqueness.’ “A moment of reflection makes it clear that the notion of uniqueness is quite vacuous. Every historical event, including the Holocaust, in some ways resembles events to which it might be compared and differs from them in some ways.”[16] If those words were just assertions built upon assertions with little or no historical or rational backbone, the Holocaust establishment would have had solid grounds to accuse their critics as irresponsible. But as we shall see, the historical data is just astounding. Stalin killed more than 10 million Russian peasants in less than three years.[17] Yet many in the Holocaust establishment desperately and hopelessly try to get around this fact in order to keep the Holocaust religion alive and well.After toe-dancing around Stalin’s mass killings for a while and obviously seeing that her argument just dropped like an apple falling from a tree, Deborah Lipstadt declared: “This is not a matter of comparative pain or competitive suffering. It is misguided to attempt to gauge which group endured more. For the victims in all these tragedies the oppressors’ motives were and remain irrelevant. Nor is this a matter of head count of victims or a question of whose loss was larger. “In fact, Stalin killed more people than did the Nazis. But that is not the issue. The equivalencies offered by…historians are not analogous to the Holocaust…Whereas Stalin’s terror was arbitrary, Hitler’s was targeted at a particular group.”[18] If that is not silly, I do not know what is. Here was a man who was responsible for the death of at least sixty million people, but his terror was arbitrary!  Lipstadt here certainly borders on the delusional as a person who claims to follow historical accuracies. Is she actually saying that destroying the lives of those Russian peasants (kulaks) and dissents “arbitrary”? Wasn’t dekulakization one of Stalin’s primary goals?[19] Did Stalin try to pursue those goals regardless of the cost?[20] Wasn’t Stalin also targeting particular groups as well? Didn’t Stalin call his victims “swine,” “dogs,” “cockroaches,” “scum,” “vermin,” “filth,” “garbage,” and other names?[21] Did Stalin create a bloody regime that lasted for more than forty years?[22] If Lipstadt is prepared to deny all of this, isn’t she assaulting truth here? Isn’t she a Holocaust denier? As we shall see, whether Lipstadt likes it or not, her reasoning here is Talmudic or Rabbinic in nature. Paul Hollander, a Jewish scholar and writer who fled his native Hungary because of political persecution, subscribes to the same ideology, declaring that the Nazis should never be compared with the Soviets on “moral equivalence” because, among other things, “Communist regimes, unlike the Nazis, did not seek to murder children.”[23] I just could not hold my laughter here. If Hollander was some Joe on the street, there would be no problem. Hollander was a professor of sociology at the University of Massachusetts and author of numerous books. How can smart people like him absorb dumb ideas, when they know perfectly well that those ideas are just plain stupid? Well, ideology knows no boundary. As noted historian Steven Rosefielde humorously and beautifully puts it,“Even if things got out of hand in the heat of battle, it could be claimed that kulak extermination wasn’t state policy. Even if terror and lethal Gulag labor exploitation occurred, they could be excused as self-defense for numerous reasons, including the imperative of rabid socialist constructions. There always seemed to be extenuating rationalizations.”[24] Historian J. Otto Pohl writes that “the Soviet Koreans were the first nationality the Stalin regime deported in its entirety on the basis of their ethnicity. It was an act of national repression on a grand scale.”[25] Historian Norman Naimark of Stanford declares that “a good argument can be made that Stalin intended to  systematically wipe out the kulaks as a group of people—not just metaphorically as a class—and that therefore the result can be considered genocide.”[26] Later he continued, “The principled abstention from using the term genocide can serve politicized purposes as much as its application to specific historical circumstances.”[27] As we are beginning to see, the “uniqueness” doctrine is an ideology, one that has no foundation in historical scholarship, but only exists in the minds of people like Lipstadt. It is maintained not because it is intellectually and morally satisfying, but because it seeks to preserve the new ethos: the religion of the Holocaust. By 1937, two years before Hitler came to power, Stalin had already starved and executed as many as ten million peasants.[28] This period in history—from 1929-1937—is known as the Red Holocaust.[29] By 1938, a total of 9.7 million perished, and from 1939 until 1953, another 9 million lost their lives.[30] From 1937-1939, Stalin executed 50,000 clergymen alone.[31]Stalin’s terrorism began as early as 1918, when “he ordered the execution of all suspected counter-revolutionaries. Stalin burned villages in the countryside to intimidate the peasants and discourage bandit raids on food supplies a decade before he became Red tsar.”[32] Even after World War II, Stalin did not stop terrorizing the peasants.[33] Minority groups such as the Greeks, Germans, Turks, Orthodox Christians, Lithuanians, and Vlasovites also fell prey to Stalin’s literal ethnic cleansing.[34] Lenin, like Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich and other Jewish revolutionaries, the real enemy was the church. He passionately declared in 1922, “Now and only now, when there is cannibalism in the famine areas and hundreds, if not thousands, of corpses are lying on the roads, we can (and therefore must) carry out the confiscation of Church valuables with the most furious and merciless energy, not stopping at the crushing of any resistance… “Therefore I come to the inevitable conclusion that it is now that we must give the most decisive and merciless battle to the obscurantist clergy and crush its resistance with such cruelty that they won’t forget it for several decades.”[35] Historian Donald Rayfield of the University of London, who is not even a church sympathizer, noted, “In the parishes some 2,700 priests and 5,000 monks and nuns perished. Across Russia there were 1,400 bloody confrontations between Cheka or Red Army and parishioners, and over 200 trials. “On March 20, 1922, the Cheka ‘indicted’ Patriarch Tikhon for counterrevolutionary activity despite the latter’s eagerness to compromise; Trotsky wanted to arrest the entire Holy Synod.”[36] Senior clerics were arrested in Moscow and some were shot and sentenced to death.[37] Norman Naimark There is no way that the “uniqueness” doctrine can square historically with Stalin’s Red Holocaust. As Rosefielde notes, “Communism is indelibly stained by the Red Holocaust. Nonetheless, the will to deny, blur, soften, mitigate and pardon communist high crimes against humanity persists for complex personal, partisan, academic, cultural, political and pragmatic reasons.”[38] According to Rosefielde, Stalin was involved in the ethnic cleansing of the peasants by violent means, including executions, terror, and starvation, beginning with an attempt in 1917.[39] As he puts it, “The peasantry was the Bolsheviks’ first and primary target, because it did not fit Lenin’s Marxist paradigm, founded on the criminalization of private property, business and entreprenurship.”[40] We see the same pattern in Communist China, where Mao “forcibly collectivized the peasantry.”[41] In the end, Communist China was responsible for the death of at least forty million.[42] It is clear by now that the “uniqueness” doctrine holds no historical validity. Yet by espousing it, people like Lipstadt, Hollander, Neusner, and others open themselves up for various cultural interpretations which say that Jewish blood is more important than Gentile blood. This harmonizes with Talmudic reasoning, and there are examples of rabbis who espouse and even practice that belief system: “Rabbi Yitzhak Ginzburg of Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus/Shechem, after several of his students were remanded on suspicion of murdering a teenage Arab girl: ‘Jewish blood is not the same as the blood of a goy.’ “Rabbi Ido Elba: ‘According to the Torah, we are in a situation of pikuah nefesh (saving a life) in time of war, and in such a situation one may kill any Gentile.’” On another occasion, the rabbi declared, “‘If every single cell in a Jewish body entails divinity, and is thus part of God, then every strand of DNA is a part of God. Therefore, something is special about Jewish DNA… “‘If a Jew needs a liver, can he take the liver of an innocent non-Jew to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value. There is something more holy and unique about Jewish life than about non-Jewish life.’”[43] Steven Steinlight Stephen Steinlight, former Director of National Affairs for the American Jewish Committee, stated bluntly, “I’ll confess it, at least: like thousands of other typical Jewish kids of my generation, I was reared as a Jewish nationalist, even a quasi-separatist…I was taught the superiority of my people to the gentiles who had oppressed us. “We were taught to view non-Jews as untrustworthy outsiders, people from whom sudden gusts of hatred might be anticipated, people less sensitive, intelligent, and moral than ourselves. We were also taught that the lesson of our dark history is that we could rely on no one.”[44] Michael Chabon of the New York Times concurs: “As a Jewish child I was regularly instructed, both subtly and openly, that Jews, the people of Maimonides, Albert Einstein, Jonas Salk and Meyer Lansky, were on the whole smarter, cleverer, more brilliant, more astute than other people. “And, duly, I would look around the Passover table, say, at the members of my family, and remark on the presence of a number of highly intelligent, quick-witted, shrewd, well-educated people filled to bursting with information, explanations and opinions on a diverse range of topics.”[45] Chabon now pokes fun at what he referred to as “nonsense” and “our own stupidity as a people,”[46] but this just shows how ingrained the smarter-than-thou attitude is. Lipstadt hopelessly writes, “The fate of every Jew who came under the German rule was essentially sealed. In contrast, no citizen of the Soviet Union assumed that deportation and death were inevitable consequences of his or her ethnic origins.”[47]Lipstadt has a fantastic imagination, but imagination cannot be employed in historical and rational discourse. Alexander Solzhenitsyn disagreed with Lipstadt’s point when he wrote: “If I would care to generalize, and to say that the life of the Jews in the camps was especially hard, I could, and would not face reproach for an unjust national generalization. But in the camps where I was kept, it was different. The Jews whose experience I saw—their life was softer than that of others.”[48] Perhaps one of the strongest arguments against Lipstadt’s speculative imagination is proposed by Dr. H. G. Adler, a Jewish author who was imprisoned in Theresienstadt concentration camp during the war. “Certainly there were those among [the Germans] who, during the years of occupation, were guilty of some infraction or other, but the majority, among them children and adolescents, were locked up simply because they were Germans. Just because they were German?…That phrase is frighteningly familiar; one could easily substitute the word ‘Jew’ for ‘German.’ “The rags given to the Germans as clothes were smeared with swastikas. They were miserably undernourished, abused, and generally subjected to much the same treatment one was used to in the German-run camps…The camp was run by Czechs, yet they did nothing to stop the Russians from going in to rape the captive women.”[49] Lev Kopelev, a Jewish revolutionary who had first-hand knowledge of what happened to ten million Russian peasants, said it well: “You mustn’t give in to debilitating pity. We are the agents of historical necessity. We are fulfilling our revolutionary duty. We are procuring grain for our socialist Fatherland.”[50] Historically and intellectually, this “uniqueness” doctrine is an abomination, and even Jewish author and journalist D. D. Guttenplan thinks that the argument works against those who promote it.[51] But ideologically it is useful, since it puts Jewish suffering above any other suffering in human history. This became clear in 2011 when“Jewish leaders and political groups in Germany condemned a proposed national day of remembrance for the 12 million ethnic Germans expelled from Eastern Europe after World War II.”[52] Mao Zedong exterminated at least seventy million people, much more than what is presumed to have happened in Nazi Germany. The Stalinist and Leninist regimes exterminated millions more—some historians have calculated that they destroyed more lives than the Nazi and Fascist regimes combined.[53] The Black Book of Communism tells us that Communism is responsible for taking the lives of approximately one hundred million people. So who is responsible for deciding what is unique and what is not? If people like Steven Spielberg are really committed to honoring the lives of those who suffered under violent regimes, why aren’t there movies for those who lost their lives under Communist/Stalinist/Socialist regimes? And what about other countries around the world? At the end of World War II, some Jewish scholars asserted that “at least 10 million Chinese were dead and 60 million left homeless. Four million Indonesians were either killed by the Japanese or died of hunger, disease, or lack of medical attention; and other Asian countries suffered similar losses.”[54] Other historians such as Chinese-American historian Ping-ti Ho agree.[55] In light of these figures, how can any scholar or historian be intellectually honest with himself and the rest of the academic world while maintaining that Jewish suffering is “unique”? It simply does not add up. We know that Nazi Germany did exist; we know that many Jews suffered under Nazi Germany; we also know that Jews were not the only ones to suffer under Nazi Germany. No serious historian or person with an ounce of common sense would deny these basic historical truths.But which parts of the popular Holocaust tales are complete fabrications and which are not? This is where the historical data, files, and documents come in. Real history should not hinge on political correctness. To quote Gilad Atzmon again: “To a certain extent, the Holocaust religion signals the final Jewish departure from monotheism, for every Jew is potentially a little God or Goddess. Abe Foxman is the God of anti-defamation, Alan Greenspan the God of ‘good economy,’ Milton Friedman is the God of ‘free markets,’ Lord Goldsmith the God of the ‘green light,’ Lord Levy the God of fundraising, Paul Wolfowitz the God of US ‘moral interventionism.’ “AIPAC is the American Olympus, where mortals elected in the US come to be for mercy, forgiveness for being Goyim and for a bit of cash… “Thus the Holocaust religion is protected by laws, while every other historical narrative is debated openly by historians, intellectuals and ordinary people. The Holocaust sets itself as an eternal truth that transcends critical discourse… “As we can see, the Holocaust functions as an ideological interface. it provides its follower with a logos….To a certain extent, we are all subject to this religion; some of us are worshippers, others are just subject to its power. “Those who attempt to revise Holocaust history are subject to abuse by the high priests of this religion. The Holocaust religion constitutes the Western ‘real.’ We are neither allowed to touch it, nor are we permitted to look into it. Very much like the ancient Israelites who were to obey their God but never question Him, we are marching into the void.”[56] If you think that Atzmon is just doing some intellectual exercise here, the New York Times came out with an article last month entitled, “The Line to Kiss [Sheldon] Adelson’s Boot.” Perhaps it is pertinent to quote it in part here:“It’s hard to imagine a political spectacle more loathsome than the parade of Republican presidential candidates who spent the last few days bowing and scraping before the mighty bank account of the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. “One by one, they stood at a microphone in Mr. Adelson’s Venetian hotel in Las Vegas and spoke to the Republican Jewish Coalition (also a wholly owned subsidiary of Mr. Adelson), hoping to sound sufficiently pro-Israel and pro-interventionist and philo-Semitic to win a portion of Mr. Adelson’s billions for their campaigns. “Gov. John Kasich of Ohio made an unusually bold venture into foreign policy by calling for greater sanctions on Iran and Russia, and by announcing that the United States should not pressure Israel into a peace process. (Wild applause.) ‘Hey, listen, Sheldon, thanks for inviting me,’ he said. ‘God bless you for what you do.’ “Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin brought up his father’s trip to Israel, and said he puts ‘a menorah candle’ next to his Christmas tree. The name of his son, Matthew, actually comes from Hebrew, he pointed out. “Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey also described his trip to Israel, but then did something unthinkable. He referred to the West Bank as the ‘occupied territories.’ A shocked whisper went through the crowd. “How dare Mr. Christie implicitly acknowledge that Israel’s presence in the West Bank might be anything less than welcome to the Palestinians? Even before Mr. Christie left the stage, leaders of the group told him he had stumbled, badly. “And sure enough, a few hours later, Mr. Christie apologized directly to Mr. Adelson for his brief attack of truthfulness.”[57] To sum up, the Holocaust establishment settled on the uniqueness doctrine long ago because they were determined to force that religious dogma on everyone. But that dogma has also taken a contradictory life of its own.If the Holocaust is unique, why can’t the Zionist world stop invoking Hitler when they want to demonize countries or people they do not like? Why is Vladimir Putin the new Hitler? Why did Hilary Clinton call Putin the new Hitler? Why did Rick Santorum and his co-writer Joel C. Rosenberg, a former aide to Benjamin Netanyahu, also called both Putin and Iran two new Hitlers? Why do they keep telling us that the Middle East has countless Hitlers who ought to be expunged? Jewish neocon Max Boot has recently declared that “It is by now obvious that the West’s self-restraint—so reminiscent of similar self-restraint after Adolf Hitler’s military buildup, militarization of the Rhineland, Anschluss with Austria, and seizure of the Sudetenland—has not convinced Putin to exercise self-restraint in response.”[58] But the Holocaust is unique! How can those people maintain those contradictory and grossly untenable ideas while their heads do not explode? As it turns out, whenever the neo-Bolsheviks want to commit murder and destroy countries in the literal sense, they will continue to make use of Hitler. Whenever they want to torture prisoners[59] and sexually humiliated people, Hitler’s name will certainly pop up.The New York Times itself reported last month that “the Syrian civil war has ground down a cultural and political center of the Middle East, turning it into a stage for disaster and cruelty on a nearly incomprehensible scale.”[60] The Times continued in another article, “The Syrian civil war’s impact on the health of Syria’s children is far more insidious than has been widely understood, a leading children’s advocacy group reported Sunday, with large numbers dying or at risk from chronic and preventable diseases that have flourished because the country’s public health system has basically collapsed. “…at least 1.2 million children have fled to neighboring countries, that 4.3 million in Syria need humanitarian assistance and that more than 10,000 have died in the violence.”[61] Yet the time will never come out and say that this plan was carefully orchestrated by the neoconservatives, most specifically by people like Daniel Pipes. I perceive that the Times reported some of those statistics because they still want America to invade Syria and continue to support the rebels/terrorists. After all, the Associated Press has recently reported that the Syrian jihadists have already put to use some of the weapons the U.S. has been sending to that region. Keith David Watenpaugh of the University of California could talk about “the arrival of sanguinary jihadist fighters, and the West’s inaction” in Syria,[62] but he could never addressed the issue that America has been supporting those jihadist fighters in that region for years. And while Hillary, Santorum, and Rosenberg are afraid that Russia or Iran might be a resurrection of Nazi Germany, the Israeli regime is continuing to build its concentration camp in Gaza. ABC News itself has recently reported: “Israel has barred 30 runners, including an Olympic athlete, from leaving the Gaza Strip to participate in a marathon later this week, highlighting Israel’s tight restrictions on travel in and out of the Hamas-ruled territory…” But who is paying the bill? Who is going to suffer while concentration camps are up and running? Hold your breath: “American workers would have to cough up a one-time ‘debt reduction fee’ of $106,000 to pay off the nation’s debt that has grown 58 percent under President Obama, according to Harvard University’s Institute of Politics annual report on the USA.”[63] At the same time, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, an orthodox Jew, “signed a $1 billion loan guarantee to Ukraine Monday, as the U.S. tried to bolster that nation’s efforts to resist Russia’s push into the region.” YouTube - Veterans Today -   [1] Christopher Hitchens, “The Strange Case of David Irving,” LA Times, May 20, 2001. 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  • The FBI and Its Lethal Informants
    The FBI and Its Lethal InformantsApril 16, 2014A Long Tradition of Blowbackby PETER LEELot of talk about bad guys being FBI assets recently. Thanks to his lawyers, the Interwebs are a-hum with speculation that the FBI neglected to hoover up Tamerlan Tsarnaev a.k.a. the Elder before the Boston marathon bombing because the Bureau was already in touch with him and trying to turn him as an asset, not because the Russians withheld crucial information.Yesterday it also transpired that Glenn Miller, the white supremacist linked to the shootings in Overland Park, had allegedly worked with the FBI as an informer. In CounterPunch, James Ridgeway quotes an aggrieved white supremacist outlet that accused Miller: “In the 1980′s Glenn Miller was a self-styled KKK leader in North Carolina. He made contact with The Order, which was famous for armored car heists. Apparently he convinced The Order to make him part of an “above ground/legal” wing of the group. He then provided information to the FBI and testified against other members of the “legal” wing that were receiving money obtained from the armored car heists.”This sort of risky business looks suspiciously like FBI standard procedure.Reading Kevin Cullen and Shelley Murphy’s biography of Whitey Bulger, the notorious—and notoriously protected—Boston gangster who parlayed his FBI relationship into legal impunity and a municipal crime empire, one learns that this sort of arrangement spanned generations in the Bureau: [Boston crime figure Frank] Salemme claims [FBI agent Paul] Rico’s animosity toward the McLaughlin gang stemmed from the McLaughlins’ typically careless and insulting ways—specifically their bawdy claims that Rico and FBI director J. Edgar Hoover were lovers…Rico…got even by helping [rival gang] Winter Hill pick off the Mclaughlin gang, one by one. He helped Winter Hill set up the 1964 murder of Ronnie Dermody….But Dermody was small change.It might be worth noting that Dermody, while being small change, was also Rico’s informant. But in order to ingratiate himself with a higher level gangster, Rico set up the hit by booking a meeting with Dermody, but arranging for the gunman to show up instead…and then let the gunman lie low at his house for a couple days.And there’s more: Rico and [his partner Dennis Condon] wanted …”Punch” McLaughlin…in the grave…Rico followed Punch…then told [gangster Steve] Flemmi that Punch was taking the bus…Flemmi fired six times into Punchy’s chest as he was boarding the bus. The next time Flemmi saw Rico, the FBI agent told him, “Nice shooting”.[Cullen and Murphy Whitey Bulger W.W. Norton & Co., 2013 pp. 78-79]This was several years before Flemmi became an FBI official informant and his case would presumably subject to some kind of formal supervision. Before then, apparently, orchestrating gang hits off the books was simply part of the creative, improvisational side of Paul Rico.After Rico and Condon retired, John Connolly took over as the FBI Boston office go-to guy for handling informants. He gave Whitey Bulger free rein in return for suspiciously meager tips and suspiciously large handouts, a combination that landed Connolly in federal prison for racketeering and, in 2011, confinement in Florida state prison to serve the rest of a 40-year sentence for second degree murder as an accessory to a Bulger rubout.In Boston, the justification was always that the FBI was using “good” (or not-as-bad) gangsters to take down worse gangsters—the McClaughlin gang for Rico and Condon, and the New England Mafia for John Connolly.If this reminds you of something, well it should. For the edification of readers, here is the Wikipedia entry for Tsarist Russia’s Department for Protecting the Public Security and Order, colloquially known as the Okhrana: The Okhrana used many seemingly unorthodox methods in the pursuit of its mission to defend the monarchy; indeed, some of the Okhrana’s activities even contributed to the wave of domestic unrest and revolutionary terror that they were intended to quell…The exposure of Yevno Azef (who had organized many assassinations, including that of Plehve) and Dmitri Bogrov (who assassinated Stolypin in 1911) as Okhrana double agents put the agency’s methods under great suspicion…And, in the category of Nobody Could Have Foreseen: Just as the Okhrana had once sponsored trade unions to divert activist energy from political causes, so too did the secret police attempt to promote the Bolshevik party, as the Bolsheviks seemed a relatively harmless alternative to more violent revolutionary groups. Indeed, to the Okhrana, Lenin seemed to actively hinder the revolutionary movement by denouncing other revolutionary groups and refusing to cooperate with them. To aid the Bolsheviks at the expense of other revolutionaries, the Okhrana helped Roman Malinovsky, a police spy who had managed to rise within the group and gain Lenin’s trust, in his bid to become a Bolshevik delegate to the Duma. To this end, the Okhrana sequestered Malinovsky’s criminal record and arrested others candidates for the seat. Malinovsky won the seat and led the Bolshevik delegation in the Fourth Duma until 1914, but even with the information Malinovsky and other informants provided to the Okhrana, the police were unprepared for the rise of Bolshevism in 1917.Don’t be surprised if the US government is keeping tabs on and, indeed, keeping in touch with bad guys. And, I suppose, when a bad guy predictably does something bad, don’t be surprised if the US government isn’t particularly eager to reveal everything it actually knew.It’s a long tradition.Peter Lee wrote a ground-breaking essay on the exposure of sailors on board the USS Reagan to radioactive fallout from Fukushima in the March issue of CounterPunch magazine. He edits China Matters.
  • Anti-govt protesters seize Ukrainian APCs, army units 'switch sides'
    Anti-govt protesters seize Ukrainian APCs, army units 'switch sides'By RTKiev’s military faced off with protesters in east Ukraine on Wednesday to sort out their differences…and found none. Soldiers appeared reluctant to go into battle against anti-government activists.When Ukrainian Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) entered downtown Kramatorsk as part of Kiev’s military operation against anti-government protesters in the east of the country, they were stopped in their tracks, surrounded by crowds of local residents.One YouTube video of what happened next shows a woman coming to a soldier with the reproach: “You are the army, you must protect the people.”“We are not going to shoot, we weren’t even going to,” is the soldier’s reply.Similar conversations could be heard at each of several APCs which entered the city, with locals promising to defend their neighbors, in case the soldiers start a military operation. Military vehicles parked in downtown Kramatorsk have turned into hotspots for political discussion, with people beside the vehicles trying to get their views through to people on top of the tanks. Another video features the Kramatorsk crowds loudly chanting “Army with the people” and applauding the soldiers as they were leaving their APCs. “Guys, we are with you! You are great!” women are heard yelling to the vacating soldiers. ix Ukrainian military vehicles in Kramatorsk actually switched sides and began flying Russian flags on Wednesday. Around 60 crew members of Ukrainian armored vehicles sent to Kramatorsk for carrying out the military operation against anti-government protesters, have switched sides and joined the local self-defense squads, according to RIA Novosti, citing the self-defense leadership. “We’ve seen here, that these are neither separatists nor terrorists, but ordinary local residents, with whom we are not going to go to battle,” one of the defected soldiers said. All of the troops who decided to side with the self-defense come from the Dnepropetrovsk region, neighboring with the Donetsk one. This YouTube video shows an encounter where some of the Ukrainian military vehicles raise Russian flags, while others raise the flags of the Donetsk People’s Republic that the supporters of federalization want to establish. The crowd reacted with loud cheers. Vladimir, a resident of Kramatorsk who witnessed the events, told RT in a phone call that a clear majority of the soldiers who arrived at Kramatorsk in armored vehicles were “boys of only 18-20 years old, with their heads freshly shaved as they had just entered military service.” Immediately after the column of armored vehicles was blocked near the local market, local residents surrounded the column with a human chain, but did nothing more, Vladimir said. “Both sides were simply standing there and smoking, waiting for God-knows-what. Then the local militia came to the scene, and asked the locals to step back and started negotiations. The soldiers were asked if they would like to surrender. They thought a little bit – and agreed,” Vladimir said. Anti-government activists block a collumn of Ukrainian men riding on Armoured Personnel Carriers in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk on April 16, 2014. (AFP Photo/Anatoly Stepanov) The soldiers and civilians started fraternizing very quickly and soon were joking about “coming for a visit without weapons next time.” Many of the soldiers put on St. George’s ribbons, the traditional Russian emblem used to commemorate the Soviet Union’s fight against Nazism in World War II. The tanks have already been driven away to a safe place by the local militia, the witness said. Vladimir said that Kramatorsk was not under siege, but he confirmed that there were armed checkpoints throughout the city. Military helicopters have been flying over the city since Tuesday, when there were clashes at the local airport. The local Internet connection is extremely unstable and mobile networks has been functioning only intermittently over the last few days, he said. Tuesday, when the military operation against anti-government protesters in the east was launched, was not as peaceful. According to activists, four people were killed and two others injured when troops seized an airfield in Kramatorsk, which had earlier been controlled by protesters.
  • Today's News Headlines by RT(April 16,2014)
    Today's News Headlines by RT(April 16,2014)Parliament of Transdniester urges Russia to recognize independence The parliament of Transdniester has urged Russia to recognize the independence of Moldova’s breakaway region, Ekho of Moscow radio said Wednesday. A delegation of the republic’s MPs is expected to meet with Sergey Naryshkin, the chairman of the Russian lower house of parliament, the State Duma, in Moscow on Thursday. The lawmakers also asked the UN and the OSCE to recognize the region’s independence, citing the results of a September 2006 referendum in favor of it. 13:44 TEPCO reports leak of 1.1 tons of radioactive water from Fukushima A huge leak in the new cleaning system at Fukushima-1 atomic power plant has led to the loss of 1.1 tons of radioactive water, Itar-Tass reported, citing the operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). There were reportedly no leaks outside the facilities that house the ALPS system. On Tuesday, TEPCO said that over 200 tons of radioactive water was erroneously pumped into a basement area at the Fukushima between April 10-13. 13:19 Vehicles hit by Jordanian warplanes not from Syrian Army – Damascus Syria said that several vehicles destroyed by Jordanian warplanes on Wednesday do not belong to the Syrian Army, Reuters reported. “No vehicles belonging to the Syrian Army moved toward the Jordanian border. What was targeted by the Jordanian Air Force does not belong to the Syrian Army,” Syrian state news agency SANA said. According to the Jordanian security source, the targets were Syrian rebels in civilian cars mounted with machine guns. 12:12 Egyptian court jails 119 Morsi supporters to 3 years each An Egyptian court on Wednesday sentenced 119 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood of former President Mohamed Morsi to three years each in prison. The ruling followed protests last October against his overthrow, judicial sources said. More than 50 people were killed in the October 6 protests called by Morsi supporters. Judge Hazem Hashad acquitted six other people in the case. 11:23 Jordanian warplanes destroy vehicles crossing from Syria Jordan’s air force has destroyed military vehicles trying to cross from Syria, Jordanian state television said Wednesday. “The Royal Air Force destroyed a number of military vehicles which tried to cross the Jordanian-Syrian border,” Reuters said, citing a television report. 10:01 3 Palestinians killed, 5 injured in Gaza blast An explosion in the Gaza Strip killed three Palestinians and wounded five on Wednesday, AFP reported, citing a medical official. The three killed were in their 20s, Hamas's Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf Qudra said. The other five were in serious condition. The blast reportedly took place at a training camp belonging to Hamas's armed wing the Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades east of the city of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip, but the cause of the blast was unclear. Last month, the group said a blast during a “training session in bomb-making” killed a Qassam Brigades member and injured six others. 09:27 UN, aid groups seek $272mn for Central African Rep. The UN and aid groups are seeking $272 million to help people fleeing the conflict in the Central African Republic, AP reported. The funds would be used to meet the needs of some 360,000 people who have sought refuge from sectarian violence since December. The aid appeal being launched Wednesday is backed by the UN refugee agency and 14 other humanitarian organizations. Last week, the UN Security Council authorized a nearly 12,000-strong peacekeeping force to bolster French and African Union troops in the country. 08:35 Iran won’t discuss missile program – military Tehran will not discuss its ballistic missiles as part of ongoing talks with world powers, Iran’s Defense Minister Gen. Hossein Dehghan said Wednesday. The US State Department’s nuclear negotiator, Wendy Sherman earlier said that Iran’s ballistic capabilities should be addressed as part of a comprehensive agreement with Iran, AP reported. Washington has argued that a UN Security Council resolution bans Iran from “undertaking any activity related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons.” However, Dehghan said Iran’s missile program has “nothing to do” with the nuclear negotiations and that it has no nuclear dimensions. 07:42 Israeli police enter Temple Mount in Jerusalem to disperse Palestinian rioters Israeli police on Wednesday stormed a holy site in Jerusalem to disperse a riot, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. Palestinian rioters hurled stones and firecrackers from atop the compound known to Jews as the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, AP reported. Police then entered the site and dispersed the rioters with tear gas and other non-lethal means, Rosenfeld said. The compound is Islam’s third-holiest site. Israel captured the area from Jordan in the 1967 war. Jews typically pray below at the Western Wall, but an increased number of them have started praying at the Temple Mount as well. 06:29 Burundi demands UN apology over alleged report on armed young supporters Burundi’s government has demanded the UN provide evidence or apologize after an alleged UN report claimed it was arming young supporters, AFP said. A purportedly leaked internal UN report had sounded the alarm over allegations that members of the Imbonerakure, the youth wing of Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza's party, were being armed and given weapons training. Vice-President Prosper Bazombanza accused the UN Office in Burundi late Tuesday of releasing the report “in bad taste.” The UN also urged the Burundian government Thursday to halt political violence and respect human rights.
  • 2.7 million Spanish kids live at risk of poverty
    2.7 million Spanish kids live at risk of povertyBy presstvThe charity Save the Children has warned of growing poverty among children in Spain, saying the situation needs to be addressed urgently.The charity launched a petition on Tuesday urging the Spanish government to do more for deprived children in the crisis-hit country.According to the aid group, a third of all Spanish children, or some 2.7 million kids, are at the risk of “social exclusion” due to living in poor conditions. “The problem is real, it is here, and it is only going to get worse and worse unless urgent social programs are launched by the state” the charity warned, adding, “An entire generation of Spaniards are about to be lost forever”.Save the Children called on the government to extend payments of child benefit to all families living below the poverty line.The petition also insisted that Madrid should increase the amount of payments and move to monthly payments instead of paying twice a year.The charity found cases of children who were going to school without textbooks because their parents could not afford them.Spain has been struggling to deal with its worst economic crisis since World War II.A fifth of the Spanish population is currently living under the poverty threshold as defined by Eurostat, the European Union’ statistics office.Lack of jobs and the deepest austerity in more than 30 years in Spain have pushed average household income down 10 percent since 2008.Spaniards have staged numerous protests against the government’s spending cuts, arguing that austerity measures have resulted in more job losses in recent years.